Mushroom Bread Pudding

I love mushrooms. And while I've been making this dish for years, only my father and I pigged out on it. One would think I'd give it up, but no, I made it year after year. Frankly, if the cook and her dad love it, they ought to have it. I can pass up mashed potatoes and gravy without a qualm. I'd rather eat mushrooms. Morels, if I've been fortunate enough to freeze some. As far as the rest of my family is concerned, it all harks back to choices...they want the mashed potatoes, fine. Pass me the mushroom bread pudding.

This recipe has been in my files since the 60's, it's one of those MasterCook recipes I stashed without attributing. We lived in a subdivision back then where everyone exchanged recipes constantly; I bet half my recipes come from those days. I've only made one change over the years, I substituted leeks for shallots. Oh yes, and Gruyere for Swiss. I matured in the kitchen. :) Doubtful anyone even knew what Gruyere was in that 1960 neighborhood!

If you agree with the "table's too full on Thanksgiving" theory, don't make it for the big dinner. Make it for supper one night during the holidays. Perfection with steak.

Mushroom Bread Pudding


1 1/4 cups mushroom stock
1 1/4 cups heavy cream
1 cup milk
4 eggs
salt and freshly ground black pepper
2 Tablespoons unsalted butter
1 tablespoon olive oil
2 leeks, sliced
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 1/2 teaspoons fresh thyme
4 cups shiitake, morel, cremini or chantarelle mushrooms or a combination
1 cup gruyere or similar cheese
Button mushrooms and stems leftover to make stock
1 loaf of bread, stale ( or briefly toasted in the oven) 1/2 inch diced (about 6 cups)


Boil some regular mushrooms to make stock- including leftover stems. Reduce this stock until 3/4 cup. You may freeze stock at this point. 
Add heavy cream and reduce again until 1 1/2 cups. Allow to cool slightly.
Whisk milk, eggs, 3/4 teaspoon salt and add stock mixture, set aside.  
Melt butter, add olive oil, then leeks, garlic and thyme and saute 8 or so minutes or until leeks are somewhat browned and tender. Add sliced mushrooms and saute another 8-10 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. You may freeze mushrooms at this point. 
Line bottom of  casserole or baking dishes with 1/3 of the bread, put half mushrooms, more bread, the remaining mushrooms, ending with bread. Pour stock over all. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight. Bake 350 oven for 2 hours.
Chefs notes: I made this pudding in several 5" ceramic baking dishes, so adjusted the time.


  1. I've been thinking about making something with mushrooms for Thanksgiving and you've come to my rescue Barbara. And yes, I didn't know about Gruyere back then either.

  2. Scrumptious and comforting! A wonderful combination of ingredients and flavors.



  3. I do not make bread pudding nearly enough and it's so, so good! Love the mushroom gruyere combination!


  4. Mushrooms are a favorite of mine too, Barbara. IMHO, I think you and your dad know a good thing when its served, lol...This sounds delicious and I just may save it all for just me and Marion:)

    Thanks for sharing...

  5. I would love that! I bet it'd make a great brunch dish as well.

  6. Mushrooms in a pudding! I think sounds wonderful, what lovely recipe Barbara:)

  7. There is always more room on my table for a fabulous bread pudding like this!! Total comfort food.

  8. I agree that this would be perfect with a steak on the side Barbara.

  9. this looks tasty love mushrooms

  10. Hi Barbara,

    I too like mushrooms and this looks delicious and would be especially nice with a steak.
    Thanks for sharing

    Happy day

  11. I have never had a savoury bread pudding...this looks so delicious!

  12. I know that my husband would love this. Mushrooms are a favorite and he has been known to go into the woods looking for morels. I will have to bookmark this for him. I love bread puddings.

  13. I can't imagine how anyone wouldn't love this dish. I think savory bread puddings are the best and not nearly used enough. Rich, satisfying and easy . Perfect replacement for stuffing too if you are just making turkey breast. Loved your story, as always charming.

  14. I HAVE to make this! Dale will love this bread pudding. It sounds so good that I want to try it this minute, but you know that I live in the rural-ist of rural and will have to go to the city to get the cheese, as I know my little C-store won't have Gruyere, or swiss for that matter.
    I hope all is great with you! Have a wonderful weekend Barbara!
    hugs from here...

  15. MasterCook! That brings back memories!

  16. Just as soon as I find someone to share this with, I'm making it. I'd love it. I think one of my new co-workers is also a mushroom fan...

  17. Oh, this looks so good. I use these little bowls every year, as my husband makes his french onion soup and bakes them in the oven with cheese sprinkled on top. It's a tradition in our house every year.

    I love mushrooms, yummy.


  18. looks fabulous Barbara, and not unlike my recipe. I'm glad you decided to make your dad's favorite and share it in time for the holidays.



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