Cute Little Pies

My sweet DIL Angie, who shares a love of cooking, has presented me with some nifty gifts for the kitchen in the last few months. 

                                                                                             Angie and my son Perry

One of the books she gave me for Christmas was Cutie Pies by Dani Cone. What a little gem of a cookbook! Fun for everyone in the family and the pies can be folded (called flipsides), made in little jars (called piejars) or made into pops on a stick (called piepops). Full and mini size pies as well. Dani Cone sells these adorable little pies at stores in Seattle called High 5 Pie and Fuel Coffee. They can be sweet or savory. 

For this post, I made some flipsides. Folded like empanadas, I had some berries in the fridge so made two different recipes; one with raspberries and blackberries and the other with mango and raspberries. The crust was flaky and delicious and although I filled them way too full, they still turned out nicely. Practice makes perfect with these little hand pies.  

Then, after a spring break visit, Angie thanked me by sending a Breville Mini Pie Maker! Can you imagine? 

More fun for me. I made mini rhubarb pies and then some Almond Frangipani pies. Not being certain how an open pie would work, I was amazed how beautifully they turned out. Next came a savory bacon and potato quiche mini pie. Delicious and so fast!  If you've got kids or grandkids around, this pie maker is going to become a favorite of theirs, but you'll love it too. You can be as inventive as you want.

What's really convenient is Breville suggests you use packaged pie crust on the bottom and if you are making a two crust pie, puff pastry for the top crust. What could be easier? And how to tell if they're done? The recipes all come with times of course, but you can open the pie maker and peek all you want, just to make certain the pies are done to your taste. The pies are usually done between 8 to 11 minutes.

Of course, I had to have the mini pie book from Williams Sonoma! Two of these recipes came from that book, but now that I have the hang of it, the sky's the limit.

If you'd like the recipes, please click HERE for printable recipes. The rhubarb isn't there, because I just cooked some rhubarb with sugar and boiled it down until it was a jam-like consistancy. There are lots of recipes for mini pies made with fresh fruits, but I wanted to use up the last of my jam. Thanks, Angie! My daughter-in-law knows exactly what my interests are.....cookbooks! (She checks my Amazon Wish List!)

Update! For Mother's Day, Angie and Perry sent me THIS:

I haven't even read it yet!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful daughter in law! I think the pie maker looks amazing. Love the idea of folding the pie crust over. Reminds me of making camp-fire pies, where you fold it over and cook it over the fire in a steel pie maker with any filling. Looks a lot like those, only tastes smokey :)

  2. How sweet. I'm slightly jealous of your mini pie maker, that's just too adorable. (And who can complain about pies that only takes 8-11 minutes to bake?!) :D

    All of your minis look delicious. I can't wait to see some savory versions!

  3. I love this mini pie baker is amazing, I love all the things little are so cute!!! and your look awesome LOL

  4. Lovely! I love the mini pie maker. Delicious creations.



  5. What a great daughter in law, how clever and houghtful she is.
    The fruit empanadas like pies look yummy and the mini quiches would be very popular around here.
    I may have to get a Breville!

  6. What a lovely daughter in law you have.

    You have really went to town with your pies and they look great.

    The flipsies are what we would call pasties, albeit sweet ones. They are originally from the south of England. In bygone days, miners and farmers would take them to work with them for lunch. Here are some of the savoury style that I made, to give you an idea.

  7. It is great to have a Daughter in Law who knows you so well isn't it. Mine is always getting me just the right thing. I would have fun with those pies.

  8. What a sweet daughter-in-law you have! You write quite a bit about your daughter, but I don't remember you writing about Angie and Perry before. Enjoy your cookbooks!

  9. A beautiful couple:) She even looks kind and sweet.What a smile..
    Barbara I have that Breville Pie maker..I love it:)
    Everything looks just right~

  10. Aww sounds like your DIL is SUCH a sweetie! (And I'm thinking she really likes pie :P). What awesome gifts!

  11. Isn't it fun to get gifts that you REALLY wanted? I'm not big on pies, but that mini pie maker could change that. I'm a sucker for cutesy...

  12. No doubt that Angie is a keeper! Those fruit pies rock.


  13. Angie sounds like a fabulous daughter-in-law with excellent taste. You are very fortunate Barbara. Love the little fruit pies.

  14. I love that little pie maker. What fabulous gifts from your wonderful DIL! Love that savory pie.

  15. Gosh Perry looks like you! Sounds like he has chosen an excellent woman, too.

  16. First of all, I love your updated profile photo!

    What a sweet couple and how wonderful to have a DIL who enjoys the same interests and helps fuel them :)

    Love the pie maker and cookbooks you've received. Darling little pies!

  17. Maybe I need the mini pie maker ... :-) Those really do look cute! I tried pumpkin empanadas recently for a post. Didn't see them? Guess why?

  18. ahhhh.. daughters in law who cook are the best!

    BTW, I'm not sure it is possible to fill a pie too full!


  19. I've had my eye on that pie maker and it is looking better and better to me. Love that premade crust works well in it. What a sweet DIL you have!

  20. Hi Barbara,

    Your Son and DIL make a lovely couple and how neat that Angie knows what to buy you.
    The gifts are all fabulous and the little pie maker is a great appliance.
    Also your new profile photo is beautiful.

    Have a lovely week

  21. Your daughter in law is such a gift :D
    And these cute litle pies are perfect for handheld, on the go pie loving!

    Choc Chip Uru

  22. I MUST make these for our anniversary. Going to amazon now to see how fast I can order one....

  23. i'm taking notes on how to be a stellar daughter-in-law from your gal--wow!

  24. your post has convinced me to get the mini-pie maker Darling!!!

  25. I've been eyeing that Breville Mini Pie Maker for a while now. Looks like such a fun item!



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