Grateful Pudding (and giveaway winners)

Don't you love the name of this pudding? It's almost worth making just to announce it to your Thanksgiving guests! My family really enjoys plum pudding after a turkey dinner, so they had quite a surprise when I served a light rather than dark steamed pudding last time. Fortunately, they were crazy about it. I have some of my grandmother's old pudding molds- but this is the shape I like best. And it just fits perfectly in my soup pot for steaming.

This holiday pudding is a Martha Stewart recipe from her old cookbook Entertaining. An amazingly simple recipe (although you have to prepare the fruit by soaking overnight) and it's done in about an hour. I kind of like the traditional idea of a steamed pudding for Thanksgiving. Martha suggests using her sour lemon sauce and it's excellent with this pudding. Everyone enjoyed the tart lemon flavor (especially my dad) of this sauce. But you could make my mother's caramel brandy sauce- which would be good too-that recipe is HERE.

Grateful Pudding
From Martha Stewart's Entertaining


1/4 cup golden raisins
1/4 cup muscat raisins
1/4 cup cognac
6 cups white bread, crusts removed, cut into 1/2 in squares (I used challah)
3 cups whipping cream
1 vanilla bean
6 eggs
1 lemon

1 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon mace

For the lemon sauce

3/4 cup sugar

1 1/2 Tablespoons cornstarch

dash salt

1 1/4 cups hot water
3 1/2 Tablespoons unsalted butter
4 Tablespoons lemon juice

3 Tablespoons grated lemon rind


Grate the rind of one lemon and soak the raisins with the cognac and the rind overnight. Drain.
Butter and sprinkle with sugar a 2 qt. covered mold including the inside of the lid.
Layer the bread alternating with the raisins. Scald the cream with the vanilla bean and cool slightly. Remove bean, scrape out the seeds and put back in the milk. Beat eggs and sugar until light and gradually pour in the cream. Add the mace and pour over the bread.
Secure lid and steam for 1 hour on a rack in a covered kettle with water 2/3 up the side of the mold.
Unmold pudding carefully and serve with sauce. Serves 8-10. You don't need big servings...this is quite rich.

Method for the lemon sauce:

Combine sugar, cornstarch and salt in a double boiler. Add hot water and cook 3 to 5 minutes or until thick. Add butter, lemon juice and rind. Cook a little longer.

And here are the lucky Cookbook Giveaway Winners. I used the random number generator to pick  four and then if possible, tried to give you the cookbooks you requested.

Then first winner is Donna from My Tasty Treasures . She won the Rose Levy Beranbaum cookie cookbook.

The second winner is Dana from The Kitchen Witch. She won Maida Heatter's Chocolate cookbook.

The third winner is Lea Ann from Mangos Chili and Z.    She won Dorie's book.

 The final winner is Susan from Schnitzel and the Trout.   She won Nigella's book.

Congratulations to all of you! Please email your mailing information to bsmithw@gmail.com so I can mail your cookbook out ASAP!


  1. Yeah i agree, we all do love the name pudding so muc!!
    Oh the mold, how i wish i had grandmoms molds too:-(
    Am sure id be as delite'd as ur family with this welcome pudding!!
    COngrats to all the winners !!
    Ur giveaway rocked!!
    And i love this mold too and the puddn is even better!
    can i have some too???

  2. Hi Barbara,

    What a lovely name for a dessert.
    I love the wonderful mold you have and this pudding sounds delicious with the lemon sauce.
    Congratulations to all the winners.
    My Mother used to often make a Ginger steamed pudding for us ( which was my Dads favourite.

    Have a happy weekend

  3. Congrats to the winners! I'd love such a mould. Your pudding is magnificent!



  4. Congrats to all the lucky winners, and that is such a cool pudding mould! I love the name too. Have a great weekend Barbara.

  5. What a lovely pudding Barbara. No wonder your family loves it. How great to have your mother's mold. It must bring back great memories of meals past.

    Congratulations to all of the winners. Great giveaway.

  6. Barbara, I was just ready to comment on this lovely Thanksgiving pudding when...I saw I won Nigella's book! I never win anything. This is so great. I will email you my address. Thanks so much for the give away and I am so looking forward to receiving this great book.

  7. I've never made a real classic steamed pudding before but I can tell from this one that it's something I would love love love. Looks fantastic!

    Congrats to the winners!

  8. Congratulations to all 3 lucky winners!
    I love the name of this pudding...and the pudding looks and sounds as beautiful as its name.

  9. Beautiful! You've enticed me to pull out my copy of Entertaining. It was so innovative when it first came out and I still love it!


  10. I own a gorgeous pudding mold found at a garage sale many years ago...although never once used it yet!!! To further add to this sad point...I've never had pudding this way either.
    Barbara...it always takes one very appealing recipe to get me going. Love that there's cognac in it too ;o)

    Congrats to the lucky book winners...this was a great giveaway Barbara!

    Ciao for now,

  11. Thank you Barbara.. I am so excited. i cant wait to recieve it!!

  12. Congrats to the winners! I love your mold is lovely! and the pudding look nice and delicious! x gloria

  13. Yipee-i-o-ki-yay! Thanks so much Barbara, I can't wait to get the book. I love this pudding and have never seen a mold like that. Again, thanks for the giveaway and the book. Your post was the last post I could read before getting in the shower for work, I was feeling so sorry for myself and this just made my day. I'm thrilled.

  14. Your pudding reminds me of one my grandmother used to make. Lovely memories.

    Congratulations to the lucky winners.

  15. How beautiful! I have made several puddings with good results. My mold looks similar, but it is a newer version. I would agree, I lean towards the lighter pudding.

  16. How do I explain to people - my inlaws? - that THAT is the pudding (along with bread pudding) that I like, not the gelatinous mess with canned fruit cocktail mixed in?!

    Congrats to the winners!

  17. my mother was english, all the holidays come flooding back seeing your mold. never seen a light pudding before~

  18. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving, we eat our Turkey with all the trimmings on 25th December! After that who can face a traditional English Christmas pudding?
    Your light and lemony pudding looks and sounds perfect for us to try this year.
    Thanks for the recipe.

  19. Congrats to the winners, this is such an intereting dish!

  20. I love your pudding mold... it's just gorgeous and you don't have to cover a mold with paper and foil and tie it shut (such a pain) with that wonderful cover. It's a beautiful recipe and may I add, I have made that lemon sauce many times (I add even more lemon!) and could drink it... it's that good! I may give this a try for a break from persimmon pudding!

  21. Congrats to all the winners!

    I would love plum pudding but my family would stick their noses up at it! Some of them are hard to get to try something 'different' -at times I think it is just a regional thing!! LOL

  22. You are so lucky to have that beautiful mold! I know I would love this too and I've saving a copy for my file.

    Congratulations to everyone who won!

  23. Congratulations to the winners! Great pudding Barbara. I wish I had a piece right now.

  24. I'm laughing my caboose off that I won a chocolate cookbood! My husband sends you thanks in advance!

  25. This makes me want banana pudding.

  26. Ooh, I'd love a mould like this, such a wonderful shape. The pudding is worth making for the name alone but it looks truly delicious. Another wonderful job Barbara.

  27. what a gorgeous holiday pudding, it looks delicious! and congrats to the winner!

  28. I do love the name of your pudding, and I also love your grandmother's pudding mold. :) This looks like a wonderful addition to any holiday celebration!

  29. Oh I love that pudding mold with a lid! I think it would fit in my soup pot too:):)

  30. Hi Barbara, the pudding looks fantastic and no doubt it's delicious. Thank you for the comment at Chef Dennis' posts. I look forward to reading more delicious posts from you. Enjoy your weekend. Michael

  31. Congrats to all the lucky winners... that's a gorgeous pud Barbara, and what a CUTE name... I ♥ it, as I love the little gizmo you make it in too. Quaint and charming!

  32. Barbara, can you believe of all the Thanksgiving and Christmases I've cooked for my family, I have never made a pudding before?! That needs to change with this recipe. I have a couple of old molds that I would like to one in. I know my family would love this recipe. I'm not a lemon fan, but the carmel sauce sounds divine.
    hugs to you...

  33. So bummed I didnt win! I DO love the name of that pudding... it looks delish! :)


  34. congrats to the winners love the pudding looks British he he

  35. that pudding looks very festive:) yum!

  36. Hey Barbara! I do love the name of this pudding, but I love the pudding even more. It reminds me of an old school European pudding. Plus, it's so seasonal and holiday-ish (smile)...
    Oh, and congrats to the winners;)!

  37. This looks like a delightful pudding, and very elegant in that mold! I could have it for tea, any day!

  38. super cute treat.
    thanks for sharing,
    Happy Saturday.

  39. What an adorable mold. I will be looking for one.

  40. Congrats to the lucky winners!

    I'd like to try steamed pudding. I think I'd really like it. I don't have any molds. I'm gonna try and track some down.

  41. oh, golly, i've always wanted to make a steamed pudding. perhaps when my mom is here, over christmas. thanks for the walk down memory lane!

  42. Congrats to the winners! Generous giveaway and great book choices!

    I've never had a pudding baked in a mold like that, it looks not only delicious but very pretty!

  43. What a gorgeous cake and gorgeous name and I agree, just about perfect for Thanksgiving!

  44. Lucky you, Barbara! Not many of us owned such lovely cookware from our grannies. And the pudding looks fantastic. Oh I'm sure your family will soon crazy about this one too. lol! Btw, congratulations to all the winners. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.
    Blessings, Kristy

  45. Definitely great for Thanksgiving! The tart lemon sauce is really tempting.

  46. Sorry I didn't win, but congratulations to everyone else.
    Your pudding looks lovely!

  47. Congratulations to the winners! Your pudding looks fantastic!

  48. only one word to say : scrumptious !pierre

  49. Lovely pudding, it looks very old English. You can't go wrong with a Martha recipe. Do you know, every recipe of hers I've ever made as been a success?
    COngrats to all the winners (I'm jealous), and have a wonderful weekend daaaahling!
    *kisses* HH

  50. I've never made pudding before - what a fun idea!

  51. I love the name how sweet!! The mold looks so old and beautiful, what a lovely part of a kitchen collection. Great recipe and congrats to all the lucky winners!

  52. What a lovely pudding, Barbara!

  53. What a lovely pudding, Barbara!

  54. Definitely love the name of this pudding Barbara, and it's so elegant! Congrats to the lucky winners!

  55. Oh I do love pudding....my grandma was a big believer in serving pudding ...Her Christmas Plum Pudding with Rum Sauce was the BEST!!! Oh as a wee girl how I loved that rum sauce.

    Hugs for a great week.xoxo

  56. What an awesome looking mold...I don't think I have ever seen one before! Steamed pudding is something I have never had but I know I would love!

  57. I hope you're having a magical Monday!

  58. I've never made a steamed pudding, but I'd love to try it. Looks delicious! The sour lemon sauce sounds great with it.

  59. That pudding is heaven-like and the mold...wow! I would love to have one like that!!
    Even though we don't have Thanksgiving here, it will be great to make this recipe !!

  60. Barbara, the pudding sounds delicious, love it with the variety of raisins in it :-) And congratulations to the winner!

  61. Congratulations to the winners!!!That pudding looks soooooo good! I am drooling here!

  62. I still have my old Entertaining cookbook; I haven't looked through in a while, but it holds a wealth of great recipes. I'd be mighty grateful to have that pudding. Lemon sauce sounds great, but I believe I'd want your mom's brandied caramel...

  63. I love your grateful pudding and it's great you have your grandmother's moulds, it makes the pudding extra special :)

  64. a molded bread pudding, eh? i like the idea, i like the name, and i love your mold. nifty recipe, barbara!

  65. I covet your mold. What a beautiful old one that must have a story behind it. I do love the name and have actually made this with the lemon before and it is really lovely... in a quiet and comforting way. In a Grateful way.
    But, I often find Martha's old recipes not too good... so, I usually do not try them unless someone else recommends them.



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