Rhubarb Soufflés

You might have guessed a rhubarb post would be coming along soon this time of year. Donna Hay actually had an entire section on rhubarb in her most recent issue...they must have written it just for me.  :) So, there will be a couple more rhubarb recipes coming your way; you can hold onto them until you see rhubarb in your garden or in your markets.

This s
oufflé was a beauty to make, light and airy to eat, pretty to photograph and a very tasty finale for any meal. Such a delicate pink and, once again, I'm thinking "ladies who lunch."

From Donna Hay magazine, issue 74


300g rhubarb (about 2 1/2 cups), chopped into 1 1/2 inch pieces
1/2 cup superfine sugar
2 tablespoons water

1 tablespoon cornstarch
1 tablespoon water

butter, melted, for greasing

superfine sugar, for dusting the ramekins

3 egg whites, room temperature
confectioners sugar, for dusting


Preheat oven to 350.
Place the rhubarb, sugar and water in a saucepan over heat. Stir to combine, bring to a boil and cook,  stirring frequently, for about 8 or so minutes until completely softened. Pour into a bowl and with a hand blender, or hand mixer, beat until smooth. 

Mix the cornstarch and water until smooth. Return 1/2 cup of the rhubarb mixture to the saucepan (save the rest for something else), cook until it starts to bubble, add the cornstarch mixture, stir until thickened. It won't take long. Pour into another bowl and allow to cool.

Take your ramekins, use a pastry brush and brush them with the melted butter and then dust them completely with the superfine sugar. Set aside.

Beat whites until soft peaks form and then add the superfine sugar to taste. I used perhaps 3 or 4 tablespoons. Beat until glossy. Carefully fold in the rhubarb and pour into the ramekins, right up to the top. (I filled the ramekins half way, then tapped them on the counter to to settle the mixture before adding the rest.) Smooth the top and then run your finger about 1/2 inch deep all around the edge of each ramekin. Place ramekins on a baking sheet and bake for 12-14 minutes or until 
soufflés have risen and are golden. Dust with confectioners sugar and serve immediately. 
This recipe made two large ramekins and three small.


  1. Wow, that's a beauty! I have never seen a pink soufflé before, nor did I realize one could make a soufflé with rhubarb. Looking forward to you annual rhubarb fest, Barbara!

  2. Ahhh... That sounds heavenly! I wonder if the Knight would try rhubarb?

  3. I lovr souffle and these look beautiful Barbara!

  4. looks wonderful love rhubarb

  5. What a beauty! I wish I could taste it too.

  6. Rhubarb is in my mind as well. Your soufflé looks like a dream! :) ela@GrayApron

  7. Exquisite! I love rhubarb desserts.



  8. What a beautiful piece of gorgeousness! I think I'm in love.
    *kisses* H

  9. Vengo a saludar y a desearte Buena Pascua Barbara lindo soufflé también ,bendiciones,abrazos

  10. Very beautiful and elegant Barbara! Happy Easter!

  11. I am so excited for rhubarb season!! These souffles look absolutely delightful! The perfect single serving dessert.

  12. i've been waiting for your rhubarb recipes, barbara, and this one is just outstanding! i'm so impressed!

  13. Ah yes, rhubarb season:) I can't think of a better way to celebrate the coming of Rhubarb season, Barbara.

    Your Rhubarb Soufflés looks exquisite; perfect for "lunching ladies." Thank you so much for sharing...

  14. I saw the first rhubarb leaves poking out of the ground this past week but it will be some time before I can pick any stalks. This recipe will definitely be saved for when that time comes. It is beautiful!

  15. gosh that looks gorgeous, Barbara. A friend's plantings of rhubarb have gone wild this year---maybe benefited from the colder winter?--so some of those ruby stalks are coming my way. I know just what to do with them!



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