Coco au Miel and the Father's Day giveaway winner!

Another cookbook for you to peruse! My daughter gave me this gem years ago and I'm embarrassed to admit this is the first time I have tried a recipe out of it. I read it, then set it aside. (Sorry, Tracy) A big mistake because it's not only filled with recipes for  fabulous pastries, breads and desserts, but there are lots of luncheon and light dinner recipes as well. I rediscovered it last week ( I really, really need to organize my cookbook shelves!) and bookmarked several recipes in it.

So last week I made Coco au Miel (Coconut Honey Cakes). After reading the recipe I couldn't imagine how these would turn out. Hardly any flour, not too much sugar, lots of coconut and eggs. Sounds very sweet and quiche-like doesn't it? This was another of those third time's the charm recipes. Aren't you glad you have me testing these for you first?

I can't fault the directions, they are really simple and the batter takes less than 5 minutes to make. But they did say to fill the paper muffin liners nearly to the top. Don't. They overflow. Then it said to use paper liners. The muffin stuck to it and when you tried to take it out, the top came off. Well, just in case the recipe was a flop as well, I tasted it. Delicious! So OK, worth trying to fix.

I had a club luncheon to go to the other day and I was supposed to bring a dessert so decided to make my second attempt with Coco au Miel in a miniature muffin tin. I used the paper liners again, but sprayed them lightly with Pam.  They looked great, tasted divine and released from their little liners with no problem. Dainty little tea cakes, a perfect mouthful.

But I wanted regular sized muffins as pictured in the cookbook. So I got out the recipe again, used regular paper liners and sprayed them with Pam. When they came out of the oven most of them released nicely, but you had to be really careful. Even then, mine did not look at all like the ones in the cookbook's photo which were much higher.

I suppose our humidity, oven temps, ingredients all may create slightly different results than Parisian pâstisseries. The next time I make this size I am going to forget the paper liners, lightly butter the pan and sprinkle fine bread crumbs all over. (That's what Maida Heatter does.) But honestly? This size is almost too much of a good thing. Know what I mean? Too much sweet.

So of the two versions, I had more success with the mini muffins. They are quite light  but dense with coconut. When I cut one of the larger ones in half you can see how moist they are inside, although it kind of scrunched up and flattened out, you get the idea.

Crunchy on the outside, soft and divine inside. The minis retain that moistness and would make a lovely bite with a cup of tea.

Coco au Miel
(Coconut Honey Cakes)

From Paris Boulangerie Pâtisserie by Linda Dannenberg

1- 1/4 cups whole milk
1- 1/4 teaspoons honey
2- 1/4 cups shredded coconut
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup all purpose flour
1- 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
2 large eggs, room temperature, well beaten

Preheat oven to 400°. Line 10 muffin cups with paper liners, spray lightly with Pam and set aside.

In a saucepan, bring the milk and honey just to a boil, remove from heat and set aside.

In a bowl, mix the coconut, sugar, flour and baking powder. Add the milk slowly and stir until well mixed.

Stir in the beaten eggs. The mixture will be quite liquid. Spoon into the paper cups, about 3/4 full or a bit more. Each time you fill a cup, stir the mixture to redistribute the coconut.

Bake until the cakes are golden and a cake tester comes out clean, about 25-30 minutes. Cool in the pan on a wire rack.


Last but not least, The Father's Day Giveaway Winner: The lucky winner is: Peter at Kalofagas.  Congratulations! Please email mailing information to bsmithw@gmail.com so I can get your BBQ set in the mail ASAP!


  1. These muffins look and sound delicious! Love the dense coconut and wish I had one right now. This is a must try, nothing better than coconut! The cookbook sounds great also. I am new here; you have a great blog!

  2. I admire your determination, Barbara. These little cakes look like they were worth the effort and it's always fun to try something new.

  3. Barbara, you have so much more patience than I do. I can't get over those exotic animal print muffin liners. Very chic.

    I have cookbooks on my shelf that I haven't thoroughly explored also. One that comes to mind is from my sister published by the Jr. League of Houston. I feel very guilty that I haven't found much in it that I'm dying to try. Guilt is a terrible thing we burden ourselves with.

    Congratulations to Peter. Enjoy your BBQ set.

  4. Oooo.... the cakes are awesome! Gosh, I wish I can grab a few from there. hehe.... And what another fantastic cookbook to giveaway. Too bad I live in the other side of the globe! Wish all the best. Have a fabulous day, Barbara!
    Blessings, Kristy

  5. Those look super coconutty and delicious! I would love a bite. Thanks for taste testing for us. It's rough. But someone's gotta do it.

    And congrats to Peter!

  6. They're beautiful and look very light. I adore coconut.

  7. Tes muffins semblent vraiment délicieux.
    See soon.

  8. I know why I like you, Barbara, you won't stop till you get it right and we all benefit. Don't you sometimes wonder who tests these recipes? If it is a book for real cooks you can't test them in professional ovens...not fair! Love the coconut (the ladies must have swooned). I think pineapple, lime and mint on the side would make me a happy girl... love coconut but don't get to use it much (Dr. Lostpast hates it! so I end up eating too much if I make it).

  9. I do the same with the cookbooks, but glad you got back to that one, muffins look delicious! Coconut and honey, nice combination.

  10. My mother has this book, and has loved it for years! It really does have some great recipes. Thanks for trying this recipe three times--it's great to know all the tips and tweaks!

  11. Great combination of flavors. The muffins look perfect.


  12. Oh my... I have a love affair with mini-muffins, so I'll be making a list before we do our grocery run this afternoon...

  13. Wow, only 1/4 cup of flour! They look tender and delicious. Sounds fantastic with some tea!

  14. Congrats to Peter!

    Barbara, these look like a delightful bite! The ingredients do sound like they wouldn't work. I am glad you did all the trial and errors for us. I wonder how silicone muffin molds would work.

  15. What a lovely recipe even if it caused you problems. Your determination paid off big time. Professional food photos can be misleading. The food stylists take over and what we see does not always represent what the author intended. I have had the problem 3 times this past month and it can be frustrating.
    You did really well and I would try your recipe. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  16. This is a must try for me. I love coconut anything Barbara.
    I will let you know how they turn out for me. I will be trying them as minis too.

  17. Another fabulous cookbook for use to look through -- thanks for sharing Barbara! (You always recommend the best cookbooks. :) ) These cakes look superb!

  18. What a wonderful daughter you have! She cetainly has great taste in cookbooks and I'm glad you dug that one out again. This isn't a typical recipe I'd try but these muffins look good and basically, anything on this blog gets my vote. I love cakes crunchy on the outiside and squidgy in the middle - yum!

  19. Thank you for persevering with these! They look so tender and delicious. Soft, moist coconut insides are my idea of heaven!

  20. These look delicious! A cookbook of just pastries and breads, YUM!!!

  21. You are more determined than I am--or, usually am. I must say these sweets look delicious. I like the texture. I have lots of small muffin tins and wee liners and I've been looking for a different sort of tea treat.

    Thanks for persevering!


  22. Whoa, Barbara, this is my kind of pastry. I love coconut! That middle photo is beautiful too. I might have to try this, as I know they would go quickly here...

  23. Well good for you for giving them a 2nd try. They look/sounds very good. I have cookbooks like that, gifts, they contain good recipes and I've just never made anything out of them.

  24. Pam: It's a lovely recipe. Thanks for visiting!

    Cathy: Yes, they were well worth the effort!

    Sam: Someone online had the liners and mentioned the website.

    Kristy: Wish you could have entered, but this one weighs a lot!

    Joanne: When I get these results, I don't mind being the tester!

    Nisrine: So do I!

    Nadji: Yes, they really are delicious!

    Deana: I am determined if nothing else. Agree it could be the difference with professional ovens.

    DishesDone: The honey is not as noticeable as I thought it would be.

    Lucie: How fun your mother has this cookbook! Let me know what she's tried in it.

    Lazaro: They were!

    Chan: I love mini things too. And they are perfect for a group of women.

    Lisa: Tea would be perfect.

    Lyndsey: They are really quite eggy inside. I have silicone cannele mini-molds. I will try it in those next. Thanks!

    Mary: Much as we foodies love photos, we cannot compete with the pros. Most of us anyway.

    June: Let me know how they turn out.

    Faith: I really need to sort my cookbooks out and get rid of those I don't use.

    Vanessa: My daughter is a foodie too, which is why she's so good at picking out cookbooks!

    Foodycat: Good description: a little bit of heaven.

    Julie: There are so many I would like to try!

    Bonnie: They are very tender inside and chock full of coconut.

    Stella: They didn't last long at the meeting either!

    Lea Ann: Well, open them up...you may find something as great as these!

  25. I love honey cake. This version looks so good that I am going to make them soon!

  26. Hi Barbara,

    This looks like a wonderful recipe book and love the picture of the breads and cakes on the cover.
    The coconut honey cakes look delicious and would like to try making them ~ thank you for sharing.
    I find I always need to spray the muffin papers too, as have had the same thing happen, where they stick to the side.

    Have a great week

  27. Barbara,
    I don't have this cookbook, it sounds like a great one to add to my collection. Glad you tested this so many times and gave us all some helpful tips. They look delicious, I love anything with coconut!
    Take care

  28. They definitely look so moist and delicious im sure it was worth all the experiments you made...tq for experimenting for us Barbara...glad it turned out so good in teh end...got to mark this :)

  29. Everything in this is delicious so it should turn out delicious, with patience and you have that.

    I must be strange because, I could see it coming together. (only if you are doing it though)

  30. oh man, do i love me some coconut. the miniature form of these would be reminiscent of bonbons and i predict that i would absolutely fill my belly with them. they sound WONDERFUL, barbara--thanks for sharing the recipe from your surprisingly awesome cookbook. :)

  31. Looks amazing, the texture on the inside is absolutely beautiful. I just adore anything coconut. I wonder if silicone muffin "tins" would do the trick?
    *kisses* HH

  32. Temperamental as they were, they look divine. I'm a sucker for coconut.

  33. The one you cut open for us to see looks yummy! I do love coconut. Thanks for testing the recipe.

  34. Ellie: You'll love them!

    Carolyn: I think I'll try someone's suggestion of a silicone mold...I have one.

    Bunny: Loved looking at your books today!

    Zurin: And still one more try to go!

    Chaya: I agree. The ingredients would have to make something good.

    Grace: That's absolutely what they are: bonbons. Very candy-like.

    Francesca: Pam is a cooking spray that makes things non-stick.

    HH: I'm going to try that next!

    TKW: Me too!

    Wanda: I always like to see the inside of things like this when I read an interesting recipe.

  35. Mmm... they sound divine and I'm so glad you persisted because we get to enjoy the final results. Love that last photo.

    I'm sure I've got one or two cookbooks that I haven't cooked anything out of...yet. That's the operative word isn't it? Yet :)

  36. I confess, I spent an entire day last week rearranging my cookbooks shelves. Of course, it took the entire day because I had to do a bit of browsing. Now, there's all these neon tags sticking out oh so many of the books:) They look like little moppets:)

    GREAT job on sticking to the recipe until it met your expectations. When I was in Idaho, the kids and I made Surprised Filled Muffins with home made strawberry jam. I'll be darned, not only did they overflow into a sticky mess, which the kids loved btw, they were devils to get out of the tins. Why I didn't think of using Pam is beyond me. Sure won't forget that again!!!

    Thanks for sharing your newly discovered recipe Barbara, I LOVE coconut in anything and these honey cakes sound perfect with a cup of tea.

    Congrats to Peter, too!!!

  37. Congrats to Peter!

    That book looks very interesting! Wow, those cakes must taste heavenly! I love their irresistible texture...



  38. oh my goodness, look at those little treats! i love the sound of them, as well as that great book!

  39. They look wonderful! Ben's on a hardcore diet so I've been on baking lockdown. Le sigh.

  40. Your food looks great....I have never won anything!

  41. These sound better than the coconut macaroons! I will remember this recipe next time I have extra coconut on my hands.

  42. Barbara, these coconut cakes look so tasty...moist inside and crunchy outside...yummie, what a torture to look at them and not be able to reach :-)

  43. Congrats to the winner! And those cakes look very delicious indeed...

  44. They look so beautifully moist Barbara! I love the photo of them cut in half :D I get like that with cookbooks too and then cook with them and wonder why it took me so long! :)

  45. The mini ones are gorgeous - plump with coconut and sweet with honey, they look delicious, I can almost smell them...

  46. The coco au Miel have such a wonderful texture. What a fun and unique treat and perfect for tea time!

  47. Don't you love it when you find a forgotten cookbook that ends up being a gem? These cakes look fabulous!

  48. These sound amazing! Love coconut.

  49. I love coconut in my sweets. This muffin looks so lush!

  50. Shaz: I'm going to need another cabinet for my cookbooks!

    Louise: Someone also suggested a silicone mold. Will try that next.

    Rosa: Wish there was time to read all my cookbooks again..many forgotten recipes there.

    Teresa: They are little gems!

    Blonde Duck: Ohhh! Too bad!

    BD: I bet this is one giveaway you didn't need!

    Joumana: They are more eggy than coconut macaroons.

    Juliana: I got them out of the house as fast as I could!

    Phoenix: They were delicious!

    Lorraine: I inherited a lot of cookbooks from my mother too!

    Chanel11: The minis were definitely the most successful.

    Kim: They are perfect as a little tea cake.

    Deborah: Think I will try to read one old on a week and get them sorted out.

    Kathleen: I do too!

    Amy: Great description: lush!

  51. wow,those muffins look incredible!

  52. Wow, thank you for testing and figuring out this recipe for us! The resulting cakes look absolutely scrumptious!

  53. Sounds amazing!!!Love coconut desserts!

  54. This sounds sooo good. Perfect for entertaining and quick bites. Yum!

  55. You are so very patient Barbara, I think I would have given up before a third attempt. You are our number one tester :)

  56. Guess what - I have the book too and haven't tried anything from it! Ahh - I need to get on to it straight away!

  57. YES Barbara - I'm very happy you test recipes for me!!! Lordy, what's not to love about coconut and honey??? These will be on my 'must bake' list - and what a lovely, lovely cookbook!

  58. These do look incredibly moist - I've been making different versions of banana bread lately with coconut and coconut flour - so good! Love that you made them three times - I do things like that a lot!

  59. Simply Life and Natasha: They are a perfect gem of a treat.

    Erica: I do too!

    Dionne: Perfect with tea.

    Jacqueline: And patience is really not my forte, either!

    Trissa: Don't make the mistake I made..there are some gems in this book!

    Lisa: You're right..it's a great combo for this sweet treat.

    Laura: Coconut flour? I've never even seen it, let alone use it. Will check it out!

  60. Way to stick with it! Sometimes you can just tell the recipe is worth the effort. These do look so creamy and good.

  61. Ohmygoodness! These cakes look amazing! I can't believe there is no butter in them. They look so moist inside. I am totally bookmarking this. Thanks Barbara!

  62. Holy COW! These look absolutely mouth-watering! I'm not a big coconut fan, but my kids love it. I was going to attempt a coconut bread this week, but I think I will try this instead! I can't resist!

  63. Update: I made these, and they were sooooo yummy! My store only had sweetened coconut, so I cut down on the sugar drastically, and it was perfect. Thank you!



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