Rhubarb Redux

Don't say I didn't warn you...I've got lots more rhubarb recipes to share with you! And last week I discovered still one more I might just have to make: a rhubarb fool. By the time I've posted them all, summer will be upon us and rhubarb will be ripening in your own garden! Don't worry, I'm not going bore you to death by posting one after the other; there's a limit to how much rhubarb even I can eat! Please accept my apologies to those of you who mentioned  you can't find rhubarb in your area. And yes, Mother's rhubarb pie recipe is coming soon, I promise.

You've got to admit this rhubarb recipe is really unusual. I love savory/sweet recipes, don't you? And this is a knockout served with roasted or grilled chicken. Kind of like a Thanksgiving stuffing with a spring twist. I'd never made it before, but I proceeded with confidence because I've never doubted anything coming from Sarah Leah Chase, whose recipe this is. Ina Garten does a scalloped tomato dish for which she gives full credit to Sarah and this is not the first time I've heard Ina credit Sarah with ideas and recipes.

Let me tell you a little bit about Sarah.

In the early 80's we spent some summers on Nantucket and it was there I was introduced to Sarah's specialty food shop and catering business called Que Sera Sarah.


The food was amazing. I could never make a decision about what to take home, so we always ended up with enough containers to feed the entire island. She ran this labor-intensive business through the 1980s before selling it, then she spent another 10 years catering, writing cookbooks, teaching cooking classes and traveling. (Including biking through Europe, about which she wrote two more books, Pedaling Through Provence Cookbook and Pedaling Through Burgundy Cookbook). Now married with a son, Sarah and her husband Nigel live on Cape Cod and are building a new business called Coastal Goods, which sells specialty salts from Provence, spices, herbs, and sauces. They do business with Crate and Barrel, Williams Sonoma, and Whole Foods. I read someplace she is working on a new cookbook as well.

I have two of Sarah's cookbooks (plus The Silver Palate Good Times Cookbook on which she collaborated.) and the pages are getting dangerously food-stained! You'll find her food  eclectic, with a European influence and very innovative; I love her Moroccan-inspired recipes especially, but she doesn't neglect the old recipes (although usually with her own creative spin) and she always includes seasonal favorites.

Sarah has several rhubarb recipes which of course attracted me immediately, although I think her Bluefish Paté was one of the first recipes I ever tried in her first book. I still serve it. A lot. I posted her rhubarb muffins a while back and today I'm going to introduce you to this fabulous spring dish: Sarah's Scalloped Rhubarb.

Scalloped Rhubarb

From Cold-Weather Cooking by Sarah Leah Chase


5 cups fresh rhubarb (cut into 3/4 inch chunks)

3/4 cup sugar
8 tablespoons (1 stick) unsalted butter
1 medium onion, chopped
3 cups Pepperidge Farm corn-bread stuffing crumbs (I was unable to find this brand and used another similar product)
1/2 cup walnut or pecan pieces, roughly cut  in largish pieces
1/4 cup cassis liqueur


Preheat oven to 325° F.  Butter a 10 or 12 inch gratin dish or shallow casserole. In a mixing bowl toss together the rhubarb and sugar.

Melt 2 tablespoons of the butter in a medium skillet over medium high heat. Add the onion and sauté until quite soft, about 10-15 minutes.
Remove the onion from the skillet and combine with the rhubarb. Melt the remaining 6 tablespoons of butter and add to it the rhubarb and the corn bread crumbs and nuts. Stir to combine well.
Spread the mixture in the prepared dish.


Drizzle the cassis evenly over the top and bake until the rhubarb juices are bubbling and the crumbs are lightly browned, 40 to 45 minutes. Serve immediately.
Serves 6-8.


  1. I have that cookbook and loved it.. you make me wonder why it has languished on the shelf for so long (save for the fact it was a country cookbook and I'm just in the city now). What a wonderful recipe. I am rhubarb crazy and this looks spectacular. I can't wait to collect all of your rhubarb recipes!
    BTW, Come on over to my blog Barbara, I have an award for you!!

  2. So lovely to go down the memory lane with you, Barbara!

    ANd the rhubarb, very unusual indeed! :)

  3. I'm loving all of these rhubarb recipes and can't wait to get my hands on it so that I can recreate them. This dish sounds excellent and is so original! I love that it uses stuffing, which is one of my guilty pleasures.

    Keep the rhubarb coming!

  4. This is new to me ! and it sound interesting!

  5. I have everything~ Not the Pepperidge farm stuffing a different kind:) And Cassis..Thank you..she and her coobooks look charming..Just the mention of Nantucket and Cape Cod get to me:)

  6. amazingly I have never tasted rhubarb. to be honest, I'm a little afraid of it. you make it look really good though!

  7. Such a perfect dish for the beginning of springtime, Barbara! Can't wait to get my hands on some rhubarb here in Paris.

  8. I'd love to expand my rhubarb recipe repertoire this looks delicious indeed.

  9. I love both, rhubarb and cookbooks! So this is a double good post! We used to get rhubarb by the bunches from our neighbor when I was young. Now I can't seem to find it unless I go to Whole Foods. I must say though not everyone in my family likes it. I can't wait for all the recipes. This one looks wonderful!

  10. I love rhubarb; frustratingly it hasn't been at the whole foods I shop at yet. If they don't have any this week I'm going to make a special trip to the market.

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend Barbara! xo

  11. what a fun post, and the recipe looks unique and delicious!

  12. Sounds like an incredible book with loads of ideas ...add ur twists and u have more than jus a few winners on hand :-)))

  13. You know some fascinating people! I need to find some rhubarb and try a recipe or three...

  14. Sounds like an incredible book with loads of ideas ...add ur twists and u have more than jus a few winners on hand :-)))

  15. This is an incredible dish with rhubarb, I must make it for my family - rhubarb is always our favorite and I can't believe I didn't cook with it this spring season yet. On my shopping list now!

  16. This looks so tasty Barbara - unusual too. Hope you have had a Happy Easter.

  17. I'm so curious about rhubarb now. I've never tried it!

  18. Unusual, but tasty looking rhubarb treat!

  19. Barbara, I never cooked rhubarb...I think is it time to try it :-) Looks yummie!

  20. I am a big rhubarb addict! That recipe is wonderful!

    i hope you had a nice easter.



  21. I am always looking for a delicious rhubarb dish to take over to my grandmother. I will have to give this one a try!

  22. Deana: Thanks so much for the award and the posting about my favorite morels!

    Anh: So glad you like the recipe!

    Joanne: Thank heaven someone like rhubarb as much as I do!

    Sonia: It's really a lovely vegetable...although it ought to be a fruit!

    Monique: Don't know why Pepperidge Farm corn bread stuffing was hard to find, but I tried 3 stores before I gave up.

    Megan: You've got to try it! Wait for the pie recipe in a couple weeks.

    Lucie: It's nearly time...first I got hothouse and then I saw some in Whole Foods last week.

    Mimi: Well, I've got three more coming!

    Lyndsey: Thanks so much for the award! I'm posting it in a sec. Rhubarb is an acquired taste. I grew up with it, so love it. I think you'll like the pie...coming soon. I saw some in Whole Foods last week too.

    Lecia: It should be there momentarily!

    Teresa: It's very unusual and we loved it.

    Mia: She has great cookbooks!

    Chan: I have a rhubarb verrine coming up too! (You know I'm dieting, so I made all these in advance!)

    Natasha: So glad to have another rhubarb lover as a blog buddy!

    Lucie: Thanks, we had a wonderful Easter!

    Blonde Duck: You must. Try the pie...you know you love pies. The recipe is coming soon.

    BD: Probably not growing in Michigan quite yet.

    Juliana: Please try it. I really love it. (Obviously!)

    Rosa: Oh good! Another blog friend who loves rhubarb!

    Bridgett: This is an odd recipe, but it's wonderful with an old fashioned roast chicken!

  23. this is such an extremely unique preparation of rhubarb! would you think less of me if i told you that i've only ever eaten the stuff in pie combined with heaps of strawberries? sad but true. :)

  24. I've been thinking a lot about rhubarb lately, and I'm sure it'll be in the grocery store the next time I look. This sweet and savory mix sounds fantastic. Love the suggestion of serving this with chicken.

  25. i´ve never cooked with rhubarb before so this is great to know!

  26. Grace: Most of us have only had rhubarb in a pie. (unfortunately most people put strawberries in it!)It was my mother's best recipe. But we had it stewed as well. I grew up with it, so I love finding new ways to use it.

    Lisa: It's terrific. Kind of crunchy and very stuffing-like with a bit of sweet fruit taste.

    Simply Life: Try it!

  27. Can you believe it - I've never had rhubarb! I definitely want to try it after seeing this mouthwatering recipe :)

    I hope you had a lovely Easter!

  28. I love this post Barbara and the cookbooks look really nice! and I love rhubarb, i love the colour too, but not always we have here, huggs gloria

  29. This is a great way to cook rhubarb. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  30. Sarah sounds like such an interesting person, I need to pick up some of her books! This scalloped rhubarb looks delicious and unlike any rhubarb recipe I've ever seen...I'll have to try it!

  31. oh this looks great my mum and dad have a rhubarb plant we would dip it sugar and snack on it as kids lol

  32. Heh, what a cool name for a business! I only discovered rhubabrb about a year or two ago, but I am completely obsessed with it. I love it so any new recipes are always welcome especially non-dessert ones! Looking forward to rhubarb pie as well.

  33. Hi Barbara, What a fabulous and unique recipe. I am going to dazzle my friends with this..you are so right, it is like a Spring version of Thanksgiving!! I love her and her cookbooks. The first day in the fall with a slight nip in the air I always break out her Cold Weather Cooking and make something from it. I love all her scallop recipes. I think I will serve this alongside a nice organic chicken roaster.
    Have a nice evening.

  34. So happy you posted this - I'm roasting a chicken and this looks like it will pair quite nicely. VIVA LA SPRING!

  35. what a lovely dish..I love the red color from the rhubarb...tasty!1


  36. This looks unusual and delicious!

  37. I'm part of the crowd who can't get rhubarb!

  38. I remember rhubarb is something I've seen before but not familiar in cooking with it! Mostly imported so it's pretty pricy and only be found at the big city supermarkets. And not here! In my imagination, rhubarb is something like celery! Or is it?? hehe...

  39. Barbara, even I might light these scalloped Rhubarbs. I'm not overly fond of it, but I think it is one of the most gorgeous foods in the world when it comes to color.

    I've heard Ina Garten speak very highly of Sara and I have two of her cookbooks, the Pedaling through France series. Now I'm thinking I need another of her books, perhaps the Open House Cookbook because I'm not overly found of cold weather, although I like cold weather food. An opinion?

    Thanks for reminding us of her genius. I wish her well in her new endeavors.

  40. Phoenix: I hope you try it this spring. I'm sure giving you enough recipes!

    Gloria: Yes, she has writes cookbooks!

    Ellie: Have a fabulous trip!

    Faith: Her recipes are most unusual; I think you'd like her!

    Rebecca: It's a sour veggie, all right!

    Shaz: I have a rhubarb verrine coming soon, then the pie!

    Bunny: Her books are fascinating, aren't they?

    Lisa: It's a perfect match with chicken!

    Sweetlife: Hothouse rhubarb is bright red. Garden rhubarb is pinkish.

    Kathleen: I think you'll find all Sarah's recipes are a touch unusual! I love her books.

    Francesca: I hope you can bear two more recipes!

    Kristy: Looks like pink celery. Crunchy too, but very bitter. Needs sugar. The leaves are poisonous. It IS a vegetable though.

    Sam: Well, I bought the Open House cookbook a really long time ago and use it more often. I bought Cold Weather a couple years ago, used, on Amazon. I think I have posted 3 or 4 recipes from it.

  41. I am a total rhubarb fan. I will be planting some in my garden this spring.

  42. The problem is Queen Bitty always gets what she wants!

  43. I have such fond memories of rhubarb... a bunch of shirtless kids running around grandma's back yard each of us with a rhubarb stalk and a dixie cup of sugar. I am officially on the quest to try this dish.

  44. This is another really unique way of using rhubarb. I am really only used to seeing it in sweets like in a crumble. Its very popular in the UK. I love how you used it here.
    Did you know rhubarb doesn't need sunlight to grow and that you can actually "hear" it growing???? Its true, I saw it on tv.
    *kisses* HH

  45. This is a unique way to use rhubarb and I can't wait to give it a try. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  46. What is cassis liquer? I've never heard of it. Otherwise this sounds fantastic! I can't wait for the rhubarb to start popping up in Minnesota here.

  47. Reading about Sarah just made me want to go where she is and be her neighbor! ;) Great pics and this looks delish!


  48. I love rhubarb and this recipe sounds fantastic, Barbara!

    One of my favorite seasonings is Sarah's Mediterranean Sea Salt!! Thank you so much for the background on her!

  49. We love rhubarb! There could never be too many rhubarb recipes. It's almost rhubarb time here in the midwest. I always make sure that some makes it into the freezer to please the "bears" during our long winter hibernation.

    My current blog posting shows a bowl of "eggs" sitting atop one of Sarah Leah Chase's cookbooks. I discovered Sarah through her connection with the Silver Palate ladies.

    I've enjoyed finding your blog and look forward to further exploration.


  50. All our Fingers: It's another thing I miss since I left Michigan!

    Blonde Duck: Well, that's all right. She's a Queen after all.

    Bryan: You're the second comment about a stalk of rhubarb and sugar. We had lots of rhubarb, but never did that when I was a kid.

    HH: Wish I had known that when I had some in my yard...I would have listened!

    Mary: It's a lovely recipe!

    Debbi: It's a blackcurrent liqueur.

    Amanda: She is a talented chef!

    Susan: I bet that's delicious!

  51. I love the name Que Sera Sarah. You're so lucky to have tasted all that food from her original shop. What delicious memories!

  52. Only you could make me consider eating rhubarb (the evil form of celery) again...but I'm tempted.

  53. I admit I'm not the biggest fan of rhubarb. I know, I'm crazy. But I do love stuffing. So this dish has me intrigued. Very, very intrigued!

  54. Baking with rhubarb is something I've always found a little bit intimidating (but delicious). Your gorgeous pictures may just force me to finally bite the bullet and try it.

  55. I have never seen a rhubarb recipe like this - how wonderful! Keep 'em coming! Rhubarb rocks and so does this post! :)

  56. Barbarba, what great timing! I have some rhubarb that I've got to do something fabulous with! And what an unusual recipe, thanks so much for sharing it! I had to read over it twice just to make sure! :D

  57. I love flan. But no one else but me likes it!

  58. Jessica: Yes, we were fortunate to catch her right at the beginning of her career!

    TKW: Lots of people compare it with celery..and it IS a veggie! But the resemblance ends there.

    Carolyn: When you grow up with divine rhubarb pies you feel differently about it!

    Valerie: Someone online made a Rhubarb Eton Mess. Try it that way. I love Eton mess and if I hadn't already done the original in verrine form, I would post the rhubarb one.

    Aimee: Yea! Another rhubarb fan!

    Lorraine: See my response to Valerie. Another great idea for rhubarb!

    Blonde Duck: Go figure!!

  59. This sounds amazing. I can imagine how delicious it would be alongside pork or duck--good grief! I love rhubarb and we're just starting to see it in the markets here in SF. Can't wait to see the rhubarb fool recipe, bring it on!

  60. bárbara:
    me encanta el ruibarbo. Aquí en chile aún no es tiempo pero en cuanto salga al mercado haré la receta.
    un abrazo desde Chile

    La brujita de jengibre

  61. Samantha: I agree...it would be fabulous with duck or pork!

    Edith: Estoy tan contenta de que como el ruibarbo tanto como yo! Tengo un par de recetas por venir. Gracias por visitar mi blog!

  62. Okay you have convinced me! I will try this when I see rhubarb in the store. It has to be good for you to rave about it like this!

  63. That's a really interesting dish! I can really imagine it with some venison or duck!

    I'm totally looking forward to your rhubarb fool - it's one of my favourites!

  64. Hi Barbara,

    I love rhubarb and often cook it to have with breakfast cereal or make a crumble.
    Last night we watched NZ Master-chef and rhubarb was one of the components to the dessert. I think only one cooked it to how it should have been - some did not cook it long enough and others overcooked it.
    I also enjoyed hearing of your friend Sarah.
    thanks for sharing the recipe and I hope that you are having a great week.

  65. Hugs

    ps. sorry, was writing this in a hurry.

  66. I think I'm going to have to wait quite a while for any rhubarb in my garden (in Australia)... They are only very tiny at the moment - but I am looking forward to trying a great range of recipes with them.

  67. Wanda: I still think my favorite is mother's pie.

    Foody: Still have two more before the rhubarb fool!

    Carolyn: My mother stewed it to within an inch of its life! But Sarah' recipes keep it fairly whole.

    Anita: I hope I have given you a few ideas by the time it's ripe!

  68. Rhubarb! I love anything with rhubarb in it. It adds such dimension!

    And food-stained cookbooks? I'm definitely on my way to making some of my favourites look that way!

  69. This sounds truly amazing! I appreciate the introduction to Sarah Chase and will keep an eye out for her cookbooks and products.

  70. I've never had rhubarb before, and now I know exactly how I want my first rhubarb to be prepared! Oh wow freaking wow! Love the touch of savory flavors in there!

  71. This does sound unusual but very interesting. I've never tried rhubarb in a savory dish. Looks great.

  72. I have rhubarb in my fridge ready to be used right now. I have never seen a recipe like this & can't wait to try it. Sarah sounds like a very talented woman. Keep the rhubarb recipes coming, we love it! Thank you Barbara x

  73. What an amazing idea--scalloped rhubarb. I have to try this as soon as the rhubarb comes in here. THANKS.



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