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The Kitchen Witch always calls this kind of recipe "White Trash Motherlode", which I think means some of our really old recipes using a can of Campbell's soup... or any of those 50's and 60's type dishes we remember from childhood.  That doesn't mean it isn't delicious, just that it isn't exactly a garden fresh, healthy, I'm-on-a-diet kind of food.

My kids used to love this one, another of the recipes from that cooking contest I told you about when I posted the Mustard Ring. Unfortunately, I lost the card this one came on so can't give you the cook's name, but I know she will forgive me. (If she ever reads this, which I doubt.) This one did NOT win a prize- it's just not unusual or complicated enough, but it's the kind of recipe I loved when I had 3 kids all a year apart to deal with. With everyone going in a different direction, it was hard to come up with something that could be made quickly and in advance, baked slowly and it could sit in the oven for late arrivals. And....everyone liked it.

It's an easy peasy recipe. Just throw it all together and dump it in a casserole. It bakes for quite a while and gets all nice and crunchy. One of those casseroles you like to scrape the empty dish to make certain you got all the good stuff. I know it's naughty of me to post this when bathing suit weather is coming for most of us, but I'm willing to bet we've got some cold weather coming yet and this recipe will warm you up! Just make a fresh salad and veggie (so you feel self righteous) and you've got dinner!

Veal and Sour Cream Casserole

2 pounds veal cut in chunks
1 large onion, sliced
2 tablespoons crisco
2 cups wide noodles, cooked
1 can mushroom soup, undiluted
1 pint sour cream

Brown veal and onion in Crisco. Add cooked noodles to meat and then add the soup and sour cream. Place in casserole and bake 2 hours at 300°.


  1. I've seen much more "white trash" than this recipe! Looks pretty tasty to me, and not so un-bikini if you use low fat sour cream--just looking at the crisp top is making me hungry!

  2. Barbara, you must know that great " white trash cookbook"... so many wonderful things. We put on airs and called this wasp cooking! I have a personal favorite or 2 in that style and they are comfort foods from my childhood involving soup. I have tried to make them from scratch and they just don't work. Why mess with perfection... jonny masodi was one... I know that is a midwestern mess of an italian dish.. for the life of me I can't figure out which is could be but this version involved tomato soup and way too much cheese... I love it. Now, I don't eat veal but I bet turkey thigh would work, don't you????

  3. Now isn't that a true picture of comfort from our childhood! I would make it with turkey too, but I have never used crisco, my mom never did either!

    What no potato chips crumbled on top? lol!

  4. I will keep it in my mind for the next cold front! I remember these recipes way back when in the early eighties, everybody was cooking with a can of cream of mushroom soup!

  5. This is the perfect kind of comfort food. Hot, hearty, and brings back memories of being a kid.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    *kisses* HH

  6. Ah yes, this qualifies as White Trash...but upscale White Trash, because true WT could never afford veal!

    Thanks for the love! Made me smile this morning.

  7. Looks delicious - I still use soup in alot of recipes..mainly the cream of mushroom and the cream of celery! (the celery is great with fish) It truly is a good 'comfort' meal!

  8. I've never tried to feed the Knight veal, but for this, I'm going to try!

  9. I love veal, I'd like to eat it everyday if I could. I never really made casserole using veal though, I think it's fantastic idea.

  10. Lucie: I know. I love those crunchy tops.

    Deana: I love the white trash cooking books! And I have a WASP cookbook too!

    Lyndsey: Crisco was about the only thing available when I was a kid.

    Joumana: Couldn't resist posting this..it really is good.

    HH: So easy and my kids used to love it. Bet they're going to laugh when they see this...IF they see it!

    TKW: Funny! I think of your label often when I look through my old recipes!

    Foley: I agree. Some of my favorites are made with cans of soup!

    Chan: I always liked veal, but don't eat it very often anymore. One of my sons loves to order it when we go out for dinner.

    Elra: That old cooking contest resulted in a LOT of good recipes.

  11. Oooh, definitely not bikini food :) Sounds very hearty though. I actually grew up where a can of Campbell's mushroom soup was quite exotic and is actually a kind of comfort food for me now, I like to have the soup with a couple of slices of toast when feeling a bit blah.

  12. Oh, my kids love casserole pot meal as well! This sounds simply irresistible.

  13. In Western Michigan, cream of anything soup is in every casserole!

  14. Nothing wrong with white trash comfort food. I always keep a can of cream of something soup in the cupboard for quick meals. This sounds delicious!

  15. Barbara I love this, look awesome and so tasty! look delicious!! You make all yummy!!huggss

  16. This is some serious comfort food. Which I love. Plus it has veal. Gourmet comfort food?

  17. You know, I've never had veal.

    This isn't white trash at all. It doesn't have any pork rinds or tater chips crushed up in it.

  18. Looks fantastic, especially the crispy, crunchy parts! We'd fight for those parts!

  19. Dang Barbara, this looks stick to the ribs (and butt) gooood! I just had my hubs look over the recipe and he is all over this one! It's defititely going in the file.
    Hope your Spring is going great.

  20. I have so many of these types of recipes. My Mom, Aunts, neighbors, etc. went crazy with these types of casaroles. Love seeing crisco as an ingredient. Remember those commercials with the little girl with that cute southern accent "my mom made fried chicke and I helped" :-)

  21. I can only imagine how proud TKW is. This really does look good!

  22. A White Trash Motherlode recipe - lol. I've never heard that expression before. I'll never think of this type of yummy casserole again without thinking of that.

  23. ooooh, i love this! what a yummy dinner!

  24. Having grown up in the motherlode, this looks delicious.

  25. if using a can of soup in a dish makes a recipe or the person consuming the dish white trash, i'll gladly accept that moniker!

  26. It never ceases to amaze me what a can of condensed soup can conger up. Memories, quick dishes and posts like this one. I just LOVE it!!!

    Thanks for sharing, Barbara.

  27. I have to admit that I love this kind of old fashioned recipe and make a casserole when I want some good comfort food. White trash motherlode...love it!

  28. Hi Barbara - I ask you, "where would our world be if not for cream of mushroom soup'? Your talking my kind of food here! Comes from being raised by a woman from Minnesota.

    Wishing you a lovely, warm weekend.
    All my best to you xx deb

  29. There's veal in it so it can't be one of those WT recipes ;) I will confess I still make a tuna casserole with Campbell's soup. Thank goodness they have lightened up the sodium in them now.

    This honestly sounds wonderful!

  30. Shaz: My dad used to mix it with hamburger and serve it over toast.

    Kristy: I love the crunch!

    BD: Yep, this one was from Michigan!

    Debbi: No, I agree! I always have cans of soup in my pantry. It's comfort food!

    Gloria: Thank you!!

    Joanne: Right! Gourmet White Trash!

    Blonde Duck: Never thought of that!

    Dishes: That crunchy leftover is the best, isn't it?

    June: Ah yes, it's a family pleaser all right! And so simple.

    Lea Ann: I know, me too! And I used to make them when the kids were little. Not so much anymore!

    Bryan: I know. She is so funny, isn't she?

    Barbara: Hope you read Kitchen Witch. She is really very funny!

    Teresa: Thanks!

    Mimi: A lot of us did!

    Grace: I'm right there with you!

    Louise: I know...these recipes always mean comfort food to me.

    Cathy: When I had children at home, recipes like this were staples at our house!

    Deb: We mid-westerners know all about dishes like this. We were brought up with them and I brought my own kids up with them!

    Susan: I always have cream of mushroom soup in the pantry. Wouldn't be without it! Hope your computer problems are coming to an end soon. I miss you!

  31. Now this is my type of cold-weather food. ah, Crisco! I remember seeing in my household when I was a child, but that was when my dad used to wear blue pants with white shoes and belt and my mom had the bouffant hairdo, smoked a pack a day (with our without child in womb) and drove her station wagon with (the) six kids at her feet. Good memories, and, yes, my white-trash mouth is watering!


  32. Man O Man, I put on 5 pounds just reading this recipe. This "White Trash Motherlode" is what I grew up on. Sweet Ice Tea anyone?

  33. oh love this kind of quick meals he he the kitchen witch cracks me up I went back to blogger from blogger draft let me know if it helped?

    Love Rebecca

  34. I dont' care whatever you call it! For me, it just looks delicious! I love anything with campbells mushroom soup!

  35. jg: Are you describing me by any chance? Let's see: bouffant hair? check. Station wagon? check. Smoked? check. Not 6, but 3 kids? check. Hmmmm.

    Pam: Tell me about it!

    Rebecca: She is funny, isn't she? (I'll go check your site in a sec and will let you know in a comment)

    Trissa: Me too!

  36. One of my favorite quick dishes my mom made growing up was "poppyseed chicken" with sour cream, ritz crackers, plenty of butter and poppyseeds, and two cans of cream of whatever soup (you may know this recipe)... I still like this dish served with wild rice and a vegetable (yes, to feed my self righteousness), and my inlaws love it. The foods of our youth really do stick with us, and your children were blessed enough to be served comfort food with veal in it! Veal! I love veal. I'm sure this tastes delicious.

  37. I've got a similar recipe that calls for chicken. My daughter especially loved it growing up.
    These old recipes helped raise our families Barbara!

  38. White trash motherlode? Wow, that's kind of intense. I suppose I know what she means though (smile)...
    I love the simplicity of this recipe, Barbara, and your bottom photo makes it look so good-comfort food for sure!

  39. Comfort food at its best Barbara. Very easy and would please even the pickiest eater.

  40. talented cook,
    lovely post!

  41. This sounds like an ultimate delicious comfort dish and perfect to prepare quickly on a weekday!

  42. Laura: Oh yes, that recipe qualifies!

    Lynda: I know and it's such fun to get comments like yours!

    Stella: Yes, the Kitchen Witch has an interesting sense of humor...and she is such fun to read.

    Sam: It's a family pleaser, all right.

    Jingle: Thank you and thanks for visiting!

    Natasha: Really easy!

  43. Barbara, I love veal however it is fixed. This looks delicious and will be appreciated by all who try it. Re pizza: any type of flatbread can be used but the thinner the better. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  44. I have to tell ya, I love food like this!!!

  45. This casserole looks so homey and comforting -- perfect for the chilly weekend we've had! (Would you believe we had chance of snow showers in our forecast for this weekend?!) I wish I had some of this to warm me! :)

  46. Amusing name white trash motherlode lOl. Perfect for hurried dinners and sur to satisfy though.

  47. I love the recipe. ANd I love the names. ;)


  48. Barbara that dish looks like a big hug! :D Total comfort food I have to agree!

  49. Hi Barbara...
    I think recipes that are all thrown in one pot are my favorite!
    We're going down to 20 degrees tonight...cold enough for this recipe!
    Have a great week my friend...
    off for our last Chemo tomorrow mornings...
    Mixed emotions...
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  50. Hi Barbara,

    Good to have these sort of meals that you can put all the ingredients and cook in one casserole.
    This sounds tasty and I remember mushroom soup cooked with meat balls recipe I had, which was nice and made a nice thick sauce.

    Have a great week

  51. oh dear yes pure comfort in a casserole--the perfect busy week dish..great recipe


  52. I hope you had a good weekend!

  53. Looks like a great comfort meal!

  54. Mary: Thanks for the flatbread info.

    Kathleen: I don't make it as much as I used to when the kids were home, but this lasted several days!

    Faith: What weird weather!

    Wizzy: Great giveaway!

    Amanda: Must give Kitchen Witch the credit!

    Lorraine: What a super way to put it!

    Kathy: So pleased to hear this is the last chemo! I'll check back soon.

    Carolyn: One of my dad's favorite meals was hamburger mixed with mushroom soup over toast!

    Sweetlife: It comes in handy when you are super busy and have a family to feed!

    Blonde Duck: Wonderful weekend, but rainy.

    Simply Life: Very comforting!

  55. OMG, that looks so comforting and scrumptious! A lovely idea! Yummy!



  56. Oh! Barbara, love this one...simple and looks delicious...

  57. Barbara, this looks like something we would have had when I was growing up if we'd had the recipe. And we'd have LOVED it! We probably would have made it with ground beef, though, instead of veal.

    I hope you make the duck. Let me know what you think, ok?

  58. White trash casseroles are so good! My favorite is made with chicken and Doritos chips. Not the healthiest meal, but oh so yummy!

    This one looks like a keeper, too!

  59. Hi Barbara, I'm still laughing over Karly's comment above...( with the doritos) Your recipe is making me hungry!! My friends always tease me when I say I'm making a casserole, they think it is so cute and old fashioned, (but its how I survived the early years of motherhood) I'll have to email them this post!!
    It looks yummy

  60. I don't plan on getting caught in a bathing suit anytime soon, so I'm all over this! And thank goodness for White Trash food, otherwise I'd be one grumpy soul.

  61. I'm still in that mode, three kids all running, running,running! Thanks for the recipe.



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