A while back, Kate at Serendipity introduced me to verrines. And when I looked into it, I discovered Tartelette had posted several others (scroll down on her page to see the rest)...so unusual that I've been intrigued ever since. Needing to know more, I went online, then to the library (no luck), then to Barnes and Noble (still no luck) and finally ended up back online with Amazon. And there I discovered a little gem of a book simply entitled Verrines. However, there was a bit of a problem...it was in French. Damn. Oh well, I had to have it so I treated myself, cringing as I paid the USED price of $35!!! The only thing that makes me feel the least bit smug about this wild splurge is as of today, the cheapest one Amazon has is $88! My treasure arrived last week. I love it, love it, love it and plan to solve the language problem by using Google translate and my darling French-speaking daughter.

Verrines can be just about anything: appetizer, salad or dessert. For my  trial run I chose an appetizer verrine. Now I don't have the adorable glasses that Kate and the book have, but used a small glass coffee cup. It seemed the perfect size for an appetizer as savory as this. I loved the way it turned out and served it the same night. Everyone was so enthusiastic! Here are a few other brilliant ideas from the book. The first two are both appetizers, the first one has a ratatouille base and the second is ham and cucumber. The second two are desserts, something fabulous in chocolate and the other is made with bananas and perhaps a panna cotta.

I'm going to make some these recipes for future posts, but after looking through the book it occurred to me that many of these verrines actually looked like deconstructed salads, appetizers and desserts. Why couldn't I give that idea a try? So I made a dessert I have been meaning to post: Eton Mess. And decontructed it in the brandy glass so when it's served, everyone can stir it all together and make the "mess" they're supposed to make!

Eton Mess originated at one of England's most famous public schools, Eton. As I understand, it is served during their prize-giving ceremonies. I think this translates perfectly into a dessert verrine.

Enjoy my two successful experiments, take another look at your glassware, think about what recipes would be fun showcased in each and go for it! Let me know any super inventions you come up with!

Verrine À l'italienne

Adapted from Verrines by José Maréchal


60 grams (2 ounces) of black olive tapenade
50 grams (1.6 ounces) pesto

4 tomatoes
60 grams (2 ounces) sun dried tomatoes
large ball of Buffalo mozzarella


Cut the tomatoes into quarters, remove seeds and dice. Mix the tomatoes with the sun dried tomatoes in a food processor and process.

Cut thin slices of mozzarella with a cookie cutter that is exactly the size of your container.
To finish your verrine, layer tapenade, a slice of mozzarella, the tomato mixture, another slice of mozzarella and top it off with pesto. Serve with breadsticks.

Eton Mess Verrine
Adapted from Jamie Oliver’s Cook with Jamie


1 basic meringue recipe (or buy some ready-made)
1 pint whipping cream
1 vanilla pod, scored and seeds removed
2 tablespoons sugar
2 cups strawberries, hulled and sliced
1/2 cup raspberries
1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar
1 teaspoon rosewater


Have your meringues prepared in advance. Whip the cream with the vanilla seeds. Soft peaks are good enough, you don’t need it to get too stiff. Take half the fruit, mash it in a bowl with sugar, balsamic vinegar and rosewater. The other half I sliced and added a touch of sugar. Smash the meringues into smallish chunks. Bring out your glasses and layer as follows: some of the crushed fruit, some crushed meringue, some whipped cream and then some of the sliced berries. Continue until your verrine is filled and top with a nice strawberry.


  1. I love love love this post-have been wanting to make Verrines ever since i saw em on FIMERE blog and yeah love the fact that they are so so versatile,,,arenthey.....and u pinged me into making some sooonnnnn

  2. Oh Barbara, you have really found something here. They all look delightful. Very clever..

  3. They are absolutely beautiful. Really a lovely thing to serve when guests are over. Gorgeous job!
    *kisses* HH

  4. I admire your enthusiasm for verrines. Both recipes look great, but I particularly like the savory one.

  5. Wow, they look like they should be in that book, fantastic! Love the verrine, looks to be both fun, but elegant! Such a versatile idea and you ran with it!

  6. Verrines were a huge huge trend in France last year and there are a billion books everywhere about them! We should organize a cookbook tradeoff!

  7. So beautiful. They certainly look like fun to make.

  8. Barbara, these are beautiful! I"m glad to see you're a verrine convert too. I love them. In fact, today I was looking at some more verrine glasses. I decided that I really do have enough of them. But it was hard to leave these--they were SO cute!

    I have this book too! And mine is also in French :-). If you need some help translating, you can email me. I'd be happy to help.

    Welcome to the verrine club!

  9. Interesting recipe. I have never even heard of verrines. I like the versatility of this dish.

  10. Vanilla: I know! My mind is buzzing with ideas!

    Susan: Yes, I think this will be great fun!

    HH: Thanks! Exactly what I'm going to do.

    Christine: There was one that looked like it had a macaroni salad in it...very unusual.

    Dishesdone: I have much to thank Kate for!

    Lucie: There are a couple others at Amazon, but that was it. Three. This book looked like the best.

    Mimi: They were great fun to make! You have to be so careful not to smear the glasses when you put the layers in.

    Kate: I have much to thank you for-I had never heard of them until you posted, I think twice, about them. I will definitely email you if I run into translation trouble. My daughter lived in France for 7 years so she can help.

  11. Your verrines are truly exquisite - real works of art, I'm so impressed! I'm so thrilled that you chose to post an Eton mess recipe as it's a real favourite of mine and it reminds me of the English summer. I've made it many times myself but it never looked as stunning as yours so next time, I'll look to you for presentation tips.

    Glad to know your daughter comes in handy in so many ways ;-)

  12. Wow these are wonderul Barbara! Very elegant, and impressive - you always have lovely ideas. Thanks as ever for your lovely comments on my blog, I love to read them and seeing that you have stopped by :) Lucie x

  13. I can see why you are excited. What a great idea! I love your spin on it, they look great. A real dinner party treat :)

  14. This book is so worth it! What an amazing cover and you did inspired covers of the recipes... I love Eton Mess, but it never looked this good!!!

  15. I love the look of verrines, too. They are so classy!

  16. msmeanie: They were new to me too.

    Vanessa: I've always loved Eton Mess...and sometimes serve it with ice cream and not whipped cream. A really nice summer dessert!

    Lucie: So pleased you like them!

    Jacqueline: These are great fun to serve to company.

    Deana: Absolutely. The book was definitely worth it!

    Anh: Thanks!

  17. Barbara ~ wonderful, wonderful post! Love both the idea AND your recipes - will be on my 'must make' list!! I'm checking my glassware now!

  18. Stunning. Since I can't ALWAYS serve a showpiece in my trifle bowl, verrines are in order.

  19. Beautiful! I just purchased my first trifle. I hope to make something beautiful to showcase in it!

  20. I love everything served in a verrine, Barbara. Thank you so much for the thoughtful wedding wishes.



  21. That is so beautiful!Great for entertaining!

  22. deconstructed salads! they are beautiful..each one of them! I like the idea too..very clever Barbara!! ^^

  23. I swear Barbara, I have to quit coming over here just before bedtime, it is starting to affect my figure. These looks so pretty and delish.

  24. Barbara, Your creation are edible works of art and just perfect for dazzling guest. The book cover is gorgeous, I would have been very tempted to buy it if I had seen it in the store. The other day I was watching Nigella make Eton Mess and I was fascinated, now after seeing your post and recipes I will give it a try.

  25. such beautiful...verrines. I've never heard of verrines before....reminds me of a parfait but so much more versatile

  26. These are amazinly pretty..but not too pretty to eat...I would so enjoy on of those strawberry ones right not. Thank you so much for sharing.

  27. They are gorgeous looking. I loved the look of ur dessert Eton Mess Verrine. Never heard of it. I would love it with rosewater and strawberries in it :)

  28. I love the idea of deconstructing a dish and serving it in a verrine!

  29. Barbara, these are gorgeous. I'm so glad you've gotten this book and will be teaching us to make verrines.

    When we were in France, I bought several cookbooks written in French. The problems I ran into were the cooking terms, such as slice and cut. These aren't the kind of words we would have a reason to know in French. Lucky you to have a daughter that speaks French.

    I found a wonderful French/English food dictionary on Patricia Wells site on line - Patricia Wells (dot)com. It even had words I couldn't find in our little French dictionary.

    You've shown us these; I'm hungry for more.

  30. barbara ,
    if you need a translater I'll be happy to help.
    verrines here are realy "up to date" and very fashiable, I think there are severale blogs that hacve a lot of verrine recepeis.
    go to the blog of Mercotte i't very nice and she has nice verrines.
    have a nice week end

  31. Barbara, Barbara,Barbara, I need that book!!!!!
    These look terrific. I was converted by Kate and my friend Lynn also. I adore Verriens. Wonderful post!

  32. hooray for google translate! as someone who always seems to leave the table with a blob of food on her shirt, i've always been a fan of the eton mess if only for the name alone. :)

  33. I have never heard of verrines before but they look fantastic! The Italian appetizer one would be perfect for one of my family's gatherings. And I could never say no the Eton mess. Berries and whipped cream? I'm so there.

  34. Smithbites: You'll be surprised what you'll find that will work perfectly.

    Chan: Lots of creative ideas for little containers!

    Julie: You will!

    Nisrine: I agree- those layers are such fun.

    Erica: Thanks!

    Zurin: Never would have thought of it until I saw some macaroni in one of the photos.

    June: Hope you have a wonderful trip "home"!

    Bunny: I LOVE Eton Mess!

    Danielle: I had never heard of them either until Kate posted about them.

    Koralee: Everyone LOVED the Eton Mess. Be sure to make it! So easy, too.

    MD: Between the rosewater and the basalmic vinegar, the berries were delicious!

    Sam: Many thanks for telling me about the site. I was able to download a PDF version of the dictionary!

    Evouchette: The Mercotte website is beautiful. I have put it in my favorites and will enjoy it so much. Thank you!

    Pam: Glad you like verrines too!

    Grace: I have a friend who has been spilling down her front for years! She is extremely proper and it has annoyed her no end. She now daintly clutches the napkin and holds it to her chest when she takes a bit. Funny!

    Joanne: Is there anything better than Eton Mess? I don't think so!

  35. Kate also introduced me to verrines and though I have not yet made them in any form, I am totally intrigued! Even more so after learning about this book and reading your post. Yours look absolutely gorgeous and delicious!

  36. I love that you bought a book in French! Hilarious. These look beautful and delicious - but the mushroom ragout below has filled my heart with joy this morning - yum!!!

  37. If you go on French blogs like I do, you will see verrines being made all the time! It is almost too much! But anyway, it is a relatively new thing (about 5 years I think) and it will pass. I guess it is not so prevalent in the US yet and you are one of the first to discover them. Maybe time to have an American book on verrines
    Loved the sweet one you made!

  38. What a wonderful post! Your verrines are beautiful and I love the Eaton Mess. Even simple ingredients become elegant and so impressive when served this way.

  39. What a lovely book, worth every penny!

    I must confess...for this wanna be French girl I am, I have never heard of Verrines before!

    The presentation is fabulous and your two experiments are amazing...they look divine!

    Sorry I've been so scarce sweet friend...busy, busy and way to much drama...le sigh!

    Big hugs and have a wonderful weekend!!

  40. Barbara, what a fabulous find & idea! Sounds like one has an open canvas when making these delectable dishes.

    This would be an excellent way to serve a heavier meal at a cocktail party.

    Many thanks for all your "hunting" to find this wonderful intriguing "mess"...

  41. Hungry Dog: There were 2 other books at Amazon, but this one looked best.

    Joumana: I know. It looks as though we in the US are way behind the Europeans in the verrine area!

    Cathy: Eton Mess is a favorite with us, too!

    Karyn: No problem...we're all here for you anytime you have time!

    George: Thanks so much. It has been fun to investigate!

  42. I've never made Verrines.Your experiments are excellent.I loved the idea.I am gona try this...bookmarking it:)

  43. WOW! The visual appeal is amazing..I'm sure they all taste great!

  44. I fell in love with verrines when I saw them on Kate's blog too! There will be verrines on the menu when we host our gourmet group this summer. I am very envious of your new book and I love your verrine ideas!

  45. these.are.fantastic!! i have never heard of them, but they're gorgeous, and look delicious, i love it!

  46. Beautiful photos. I've never made verrines, but you have stirred my interest.

  47. Gorgeous verrines! I love both the savory and the sweet one, wonderful creations! This reminds me of a verrine I've made recently and never had a chance to post about. It's kind of a summery one though. I will need to make it again when it warms up and take a good picture :)

  48. Barbara, can you move your entire family here and feed me daily?

    I adore the Verrines (so they have a name), I once saw some nice candle holders which look just like those delicate bowl glasses.

    As for your clever find, that reminds me of my sister - she lost out on the big Pizza Book which is now way overpriced.

  49. I love verrines but haven't made one at home.... thanks for sharing so many wonderful recipes. Am going to try one soon :)

  50. Nina: Aren't they fun? So many things you can do with them too.

    BD: Oh yeah. Definitely the taste it there!

    Susan: Kate's blog is great, isn't it?

    Teresa and Judy: Give them a try!

    Natasha: Can't wait to see yours. The Eton Mess is kind of summery, but I live in Florida so guess I can rush into summer!

    Clarity: Sometimes you have to put reason behind you and make the purchase.

  51. Hi Barbara,

    How wonderful that you got this Verrines recipe book and the two you have made look great.
    Good luck with the translation, and should be a lot of fun experimenting.

    Have a happy weekend

  52. Your verrines are nice! and the Eton Mess look fantastic!!!! Love the pictures, gloria,huggs (Have a nice weekend Barbara)

    Barbara I made your pudding banana recipe and we love it! I will post about them and I will tell you!! huggs

  53. This is my first time learning about verrines. So much fun!

  54. These are really lovely, Barbara! I love the versatility of verrines. It would be so much fun to experiment with this idea!

  55. That Eton Mess Verrine looks phenomenal!

  56. I love verrines as well and guess what - I have THAT book! It is fantastic and the first recipe I wanted to try from it was the Italienne that you made - gorgeous!

  57. barbara!!! Thank you for introducing me to verrines...because I've never heard of it until now!! Wow everything looks INCREDIBLE!!

  58. oh wow these are truly amazing I adore them them, would you consider duel posting a guest post on chow and chatter about them?
    rebeccasubbiah at yahoo dot com


  59. Carolyn: The book is lovely!

    Gloria: So pleased you liked the banana pudding!

    Barbara: Mine too!

    Faith: It makes you look at your glasses a different way!

    Chef Aimee: Always loved Eton Mess even before verrines!

    Trissa: How amazing you have this book too!

    Sophia: I can't wait to try some other recipes in there.

    Rebecca: I sent you an email.

  60. How beautiful these look, Barbara. I love layering things in glasses, but have only recently realised that's what verrines were. And what a great idea for savoury versions too. I need some glasses though, not all of mine are very presentable :)

  61. ALL of those look amazing! However, the savory one is the one making my mouth water! I love my salt!

  62. Wow. WOW!! Wow. I am so impressed! Mostly because of your creativity and beautiful creations... but also because I have never heard of these before and now I feel a little smarter! ;)

    Be blessed!

  63. Barbara you camera work is just fantastic. Your site is a feast for the eyes.

  64. I have never had verrines... It looks like I am missing out !

    By the way, I bought my hazelnut meal at Whole Foods. Probably health stores that also sell foods may have it.

  65. By the way, if you have any French-related question and your daughter does not know the answer, you can ask me. My mother tongue is French.

  66. Shaz: You'll be amazed at what you'll find in your glasses when you look.

    TKW: That one was pretty tasty!

    Amanda: Join the crowd, I'd never heard of them before either!

    Mary: Thanks!

    Karine: Thanks! I figured that's where I'd find hazelnut meal. What would we do without it?
    I may take you up on your offer of translation help; reading nuances in recipes might cause her difficulties,although she lived in Paris for 7 years.

  67. these are just so fun, endless ideas!

    next time you read a book, please join in food for thought, it really is fun cooking the books and would love to SEE what you are reading!

  68. Oh Barbara, they are just gorgeous! :D I love how you've done a savoury one and a sweet one. I always think of sweets in glasses but not savouries so this is great inspiration :)

  69. The deserts look fantastic!

    Thank you for stopping by!

  70. Oh how so wonderfully delish!!
    The book is divin and worth every penny spent...can't wait to see what else you come up with!!


  71. Jain: I'll consider it...my reading list is way behind. Must update it.

    Lorraine: There were lots of savory ones in the book. Some great ideas in there!

    Bonnie: Thanks! Going to try some out for my next dinner party.

    Sophie: Eton Mess has been a favorite of mine for quite a while.

  72. wow, I've never heard of that word until now and I think I love them! :)

  73. The verrines look wonderful. The berry one, especially, makes me yearn for spring. Beautiful photos, too.

  74. Now, you have me intrigued by Verrines. God, they look lovely and what a great idea to have small portioned flavor explosions in your mouth. I love it!

  75. With my upcoming trip to Paris, I'm all about all things French...so this post is especailly great for me :) Looks wonderfully delicious too!!

    So neat that your daughter can speak French!

    Hope you enjoyed your weekend ~

    :) T

  76. I always admire people who can amke such creations. I would not have the patience to even try.

  77. Simply Life: We can all thank Kate for the info!

    Nancy: I agree, the berry one looks like summer? Can it be too far away?

    Velva: Great description: explosion of flavors in your mouth.

    Ubermouth: Oh yes you do!

  78. They are beautiful!!
    I love them, very inspiring.

  79. Hello Barbara! I would absolutely LOVE to have some recommendations on restaurants in Paris from your duaghter!! How generous of you to offer!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Monday ~

    :) T

  80. Barbara, I agree, especially when it is a gift for someone - I might have to get her the book myself.

  81. Natashya: Thank you!

    Tracey: I sent you an email.

    走吧: Yes, friendship is very important.

    Clarity: Do.

  82. These are almost too pretty to eat! The desserts are delectable, and it has never occurred to me to layer appetizers or salads in this way. So very creative and fancy without being too difficult. Yay!

  83. Ahhh..the eton mess verrine looks utterly divine! I am bookmarking this!

  84. Those are very cool looking!

    So what's the difference between a parfaits, trifles, and verrines? They're all layered desserts (or savory) served in a clear glass "dish".



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