Sandy's Strawberry Pie

This 60's recipe belonged to an old friend from those days, Sandy Albers. And it's also another of those "almost too simple to post" recipes....the kind we like to see in the summer, right? Even though it's nearly over....good news for South Florida, bad news for most everyone else.  
Recently during my mad spring cleaning, I came across a couple manila envelopes filled with index cards of old recipes. This was one of them. I'd forgotten all about it and haven't made it for 50 years! (Nor have I seen Sandy for that length of time either.)

Such a simple recipe. Whole strawberries are scattered 
points up over the graham cracker crust with mashed and cooked strawberries poured over them. Those whole strawberries actually make this pie less sweet than you'd expect, but still plenty sweet enough. It's not a terribly firm pie, most strawberry pies aren't, but it spells summer so beautifully, I thought I'd share the recipe. Messy to cut....you need a good sharp knife. 
Who knows? Perhaps Sandy or someone who knows her will see this and I'll hear from her.

Sandy Albers' Strawberry Pie

One baked graham cracker crust, cooled
1 quart strawberries, washed, stems removed
sugar to taste
4 tablespoons flour
juice of 1/2 lemon
1 cup whipping cream, whipped and sweetened

Place whole strawberries, points up, all over the crust. 
Mash remaining strawberries, add sugar to taste, add flour, dash of salt and the lemon juice.  Mix well and cook until slightly thickened. Cool. Pour over strawberries. Refrigerate until firm and cold. Top with whipped cream and refrigerate again.


  1. Don't you just love discovering old recipes and memories. I know I do. I hope this gorgeous strawberry pie will connect you to Sandy. You just might be surprised. Several years ago I wrote about old friends and their recipe from The Silver Palate Cookbook for a Bismark (also called a Dutch Baby). One of their friends happened to search the web for a Bismark and read the post. How fun is that!

  2. Looks like a keeper Barbara:) Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love strawberry pies. This one looks like a keeper!

  4. What lovely pie :)
    I love strawberries Barbara!

  5. This is a winner in my book! I love that it's loaded with strawberries.

  6. This pie is gorgeous! simply fantastic.



  7. wouldn't it be cool if you reconnected because of this!! it looks like a wonderful pie, simple or not!

  8. Thank you for your visit, Barbara. Happy you enjoyed. You are so right. Jasper is a real hoot!

  9. That would be great if you hear from Sandy, Barbara! My family would love this pie, it looks delicious!

  10. It must have felt like Christmas opening up those envelope of recipes! This one is definitely a keeper and I hope you found some other great ones in the bunch. That would taste like summer on a plate!

  11. looks tasty and love how simple it is

  12. I love strawberries and this pie looks totally divine Barbara!

  13. Hi Barbara--What a great find! With those old recipes, you never know---they could be anchored in another time, or they stand the test of time. Looks like this one is definitely does. And who knows, maybe Sandy will turn up soon too!

  14. That's identical to the Knight's grandmother's recipe... only she adds banana and calls it banana split pie or some such. Maybe I should make him one.

  15. This pie is sheer simplicity and deliciousness and embodies the essence of Summer! Can't wait to make it and I do hope you end up reconnecting with your friend Sandy - fingers crossed :)



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