Anita's Europe: Simply Irresistible Link Party: The Rialto Market in Venice

Ciao Venice!

This morning, we're going shopping at the famous Rialto Market via the Rialto bridge:

Elizabeth David, the cookbook author, portrays the Rialto markets as a visual feast:

"The light of a Venetian dawn is so limpid and so still that it makes every separate vegetable and fish luminous with a life of its own, with unnaturally heightened colours and clear stencilled outlines

"In other markets, on other shores, the unfamiliar fishes may be vivid, mysterious, repellent, fascinating, and bright with splendid colour; only in Venice do they look good enough to eat. In Venice even ordinary sole and ugly great skate are striped with delicate lilac lights, the sardines shine like newly-minted silver coins, pink Venetian scampi are fat and fresh, infinitely enticing in the early dawn."

And she was right. Look at this seafood!

And still more seafood!

How about some veggies and fruit?
(Look at those zucchini flowers and artichokes!)

Yes, it was irresistible! This is my daughter buying up a storm.

How about some ham, sausage and herbs?

Shopping is done for the day so I took my granddaughter on her first gondola ride! (Circa 2008.)

Come along with us......

Our last night, a drink in Piazza San Marco. (My son, daughter and granddaughter.)

Ciao, Venice!

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  1. mmm...those seafood and fresh produce..I wish I could jump in and shop there!

  2. A fabulous market! What gorgeous produces.



  3. La vraie vie de Venise ...
    Merci pour ces images de bonheur

  4. What a wonderful way to start my morning, off on a gondola ride to the market with you and your precious granddaughter. This is such a lovely market. My bag would be heavy with fish before I even arrived at the vegetable vendor. You are right, there is something so special about markets in Europe. And in Venice, even the ride home is special.

  5. A never ending stream of seafood, what a delicious looking place to shop :D
    And made more exotic by the fact that you are in Venice, so beautiful!

    Choc Chip Uru

  6. WOW! Look at the variety of seafood! See,this is what I was hoping for, and it came true......bloggers showing us variety and passions, and you've put both of these elements together in your love for cuisine and ITALY! Barbara, so lovely to see you with your granddaughter! Have fun, leave up your post all week and visit the others and link-in. MERCI!!!! Anita

  7. A fascinating look at the Venetian seafood market! All but the eels are spectacular. How does one eat that? Beautiful family too!

  8. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!

    How lovely and delightful! Thanks for sharing in the fun party!!!!
    ~ Violet

  9. Beautiful Italy and Venice, I just read a book aqua alta it's a story in Venice so I liked your pictures very much!
    groetjes van Marijke

  10. Oh Barbara, I find my mouth is watering once again as I come here and I just ate LUNCH! SHEESH! But that's the beauty of any art - it puts you right there in the moment. THANK YOU for coming by! Anita

  11. Beautiful.......like your post...love from me. Ria ...x!

  12. I have some wonderful photos of the Rialto market when my daughter and son-in-law were there on their honeymoon. What a lovely place to visit!

  13. This market would seriously tempt me into actually... cooking! What choices... such a beautiful trip to share with your family. Thanks for sharing with us!

  14. What lovelu and beautiful pictures Barbara!

  15. Dear Barbara,

    I really enjoyed seeing your photographs of Venice and what an amazing experience you must have had there with your beautiful family.
    The great variety of fresh fish, seafood and vegetables at the market look so good. How lovely the photo is of you and your grand-daughter.
    Happy weekend and thanks for taking us on a little tour of Venice

  16. Wow what a lovely market and lovely photos!

  17. What a joy to my senses... Lovely shots, thanks for sharing!

    ela h.
    Gray Apron

  18. good afternoon!
    VENICE! lovely trip, and fantastic food!
    Thanks to Anita today I can enjoy your pictures and this fantastic Link Party!.
    I wish you a great weekend.
    Today I am Happy to have met you, I hope you visit me
    personally selected products

  19. Boungiorno Barbara! :)
    A magnificent post...a love poem to Venice, really! You are so blessed to have these beautiful memories...even more so because the trip included your family...
    Thank you for sharing the magic and beauty of Venezia...
    Enjoy the party!
    - Irina

  20. Barbara, what wonderful memories of Venice! It's so wonderful that you shared this adventure with your family! Thank you for helping me remember a special trip to Venice so long ago! ♡Dawn

  21. I want to visit there so badly!

  22. That does it; Venice is on my bucket list now!

  23. Beautiful photos and memories of a trip I long for. How sweet to take your granddaughter on her first Gondola ride. The food, the wine and markets look amazing. I want to be there and experience it all. Coming over from Anita's linky party.

  24. Hi Barbara,
    What I would give to be able to visit Venice and take a Gondola ride... You have such beautiful memories with your family.
    Thank you so much for sharing

  25. WHAT an absolutely gorgeous family, my friend. Truly beyond excited to share in your family trip, and to see how a genius chef prepares for her meals and explores the markets in her ken. Outstanding, Barbara!! Clink-clink, a summer toast to you, young lady.

  26. What a feast for my eyes! Thank you for taking me on a virtual escape to one of my favorite places! xoxo

  27. BON APETITO!!!Love the cookbooks writer description of the fish.How lucky you were to be with the family in VENICE!The history and the beauty are truly striking!

  28. Dear Barbara,
    Thank you so much for your visit and most kind words.. I am so happy you enjoyed Bebe's adventure in Tuscany..

  29. Thanks for the virtual visit to Venice. I hope to see it in person some day--and shop at the market!

  30. Oh, Barbara, what a wonderful trip! Those are memories you'll never forget. There's something really special about a gondola ride, isn't there?

  31. I love your travels!
    What great memories.
    Remember how on Facebook you told me you went to bora bora?
    Did you do a post on that? Would love to see those photos

  32. Wonderful! I am loving the market and the produce. My brother and his family recently visited Venice and I heard from them all the wonderful things about the place. It must have been so much fun.

  33. Venice is like no other place in the world---something out of a dream. I have been fortunate to visit there twice. Love seeing these images, and, of course, reading the words of the remarkable Elizabeth David. Thanks for the journey!

  34. I loved your post! I have been to Venice a few times but never the markets...next time for sure. I am also an Italy-lover and part of Anita's lovely link party. Hope you will stop by.
    xo Mary Jo

  35. The Rialto markets!
    I am completely entranced!
    You have revealed another facet of this amazing dream destination to me, Barbara!
    The images of you and your family are precious keepsakes!

  36. Barbara,
    I'm just getting around to seeing your European post through Anita's link party. I didn't participate this year, as July is a very busy month in our house. These Venice pictures are dreamy. I'm glad your granddaughter got a chance to go on the gondola rides. What a great picture this is of you and her. When Jess visited Venice a few years ago, she experienced the gondolas herself, and had a great time. The market looks wonderful with all the goodies, and I love the charming bridge. I enjoyed your European post very much.




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