The devil made me do it!

For those of you too young to remember, Flip Wilson* was a fabulous comic back in the 70's. And one of his funniest characters was Geraldine Jones.  If you have never seen him do Geraldine, you are really in for a treat because Geraldine introduced "the devil made me do it" to an entire generation and it became a national expression. Here he is on the Ed Sullivan show in 1970. Unfortunately, not in Geraldine's costume, but use your wildest imagination and enjoy the video anyway.

And yes, the devil DID make me do this. There's no saving grace here. None. But listen you guys, it has Milky Way bars! I used to love them. I have much better control these days, barely, but if I'm going to splurge on a candy bar, it's gonna be this one. Dark chocolate version, please.

There was no resisting after I saw the photo of this recipe in the cookbook. So, if you haven't seen it, let me introduce it to you. Lisa Yockelson is a baking journalist, food stylist and prolific cookbook author. Every page in this book has a gem of a recipe and every photo will make you drool. It's such a beautiful book, I actually have it on a coffee table and not in the kitchen. It draws people like a magnet.  The title says it all: Chocolate Chocolate. (And Amazon has it used for $3!)

No doubt the devil will be pushing me to make some of the other recipes (I have post-its all over the book) but let's start with this little gem!

Chocolate Nougat Squares

Adapted from Chocolate Chocolate by Lisa Yockelson

4 (1.76 ounces each) Milky Way midnight bars
1-1/4 cups unsifted cake flour
1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1/8 teaspoon salt
1/2 pound (2 sticks) unsalted butter, melted and cooled to tepid
4 ounces unsweetened chocolate, melted and cooled to tepid
4 large eggs
2 cups sugar
2-1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 325°.
Grease and flour a 9 by 9 by 2 inch baking pan.
Refrigerate the candy bars for 20 minutes. Dice the candy bars into 1/2 inch squares. (I cut them lengthwise and then crosswise into 1/2 in pieces.

(Note: I suggest you change this to: refrigerate for 20 minutes, cut into 1/2 inch square chunks, then put in the freezer until you're ready to add to the batter. They will hold up better and not melt completely like mine nearly did and might look more like the photo in the book.)

Sift together the flour, baking soda, cocoa powder and salt. Set aside.

Mix the melted butter and chocolate together.

In a large mixing bowl, whisk the eggs for about 15 seconds. Add the sugar and whisk for a minute. Add the vanilla and mix. Add the melted chocolate and butter mixture and stir until combined. Sprinkle the flour mixture over the batter and mix until incorporated.  Add the cold candy pieces.

Pour into the prepared pan and bake 35 to 40 minutes or until set.

Remove from oven and cool on a baking rack for 2 hours. Refrigerate for 1 hour. Cut into quarters and then each quarter into 4 pieces. Remove from baking pan and store in an airtight pan.

*Whatever happened to Flip Wilson? At the end of the 70's he got custody of his children and, wanting to spend time with his family, performed infrequently after that. He passed away from liver cancer in 1998.


  1. These look delicious!! What a fun cookbook and recipe. Don't you just love Amazon for cookbooks? Great prices.

  2. These look incredible! And what a beautiful cookbook. I'll take the dark chocolate candy, as well, please. I have a serious weakness for chocolate.

  3. These brownies will be our dessert treat very, very soon. Love chocolate. Love Milky Ways. Our chocolate-loving son is coming for a visit soon. I want to make his favorites and this may start a new favorite. Alongside a tall, cold glass of milk--can't wait!


  4. Whoa that cookbook sounds dangerous. Dark chocolate Milky Ways are a total favorite (which is why I don't buy them). But I think I might have to. Because these brownies need to be featured in my life.

  5. What a perfect title for this superb recipe! haha... Love these little devils here. You make me salivate! I'm pretty sure I will enjoy this as much as you do. Enjoy your day!
    Cheers, Kristy

  6. Oh my, that looks sinful with all those chunks of candy bar. I remember watching Flip years ago and thought he was the funniest person ever!

  7. I love Lisa Yockelson's recipes, but wasn't aware of this book. I'm off to buy it!

  8. I used to love the Ed Sullivan Show. A family event to watch on Sunday evening. So fun to watch this Flip Wilson video. And yes Barbara, the devil did make you make these wonderful looking bars! Fun cookbook. I have a "Chocolate" cookbook that I've had for years. I've never made anything from it. I think the devil is urging me to dig that thing out, and just take a look. ;-)

  9. What a post to wake up to!! The Milky Way Mignight bars are my fav also...this sounds like a bar you can have "just one".

    Remember Flip well and his overly 'endowed' Geraldine character.

  10. That book sounds great and those bars look devilishly scrumptious! I am drooling...



  11. Barbara...you devil you!!! This looks delish! I have been trying to lose to same five pounds all Spring and Summer, and you are NOT helping with this recipe girl.
    I do have to come up with something yummy for a family dinner we are having in the garden tonight though...hmmm!
    I love your yummy posts!

  12. I love Milky way bars, are fabulous!! DElicious recipe as always, huggs! gloria

  13. Barb dear! YIKES! MILKY WAY BARS connote school days and rare, after school treats! Remember when they cost about .10 cents? Thank you for coming to visit with me! I don't know how you found me, but I am so glad that you left a message; I so appreciate it when visitors leave a trace that they were there!!! Oh, and to get a chocolate fix that is NOT FROM THE DEVIL IN THE DEEP BLUE SEA....put some good unsweetened cocoa powder into your vanilla yogurt and mix in some raspberries....A TREAT WITH NO GUILT!

    Come back soon, Anita

  14. Oh my. I will be baking this weekend, I bet. Maybe the Knight won't eat them if he sees the dark chocolate bars?

    You know, I was so young when Flip "disappeared" that I thought nothing of it. Thanks for providing the rest of the story!

  15. Ooh Barbara, I love Milky Way bars, and I remember the first time I tasted a dark Milky Way-heaven. Ooh, maybe heaven made you do it (smile). Who knows? This looks delicious, and I like that it's a big batch recipe. Nice!

  16. Sounds like a delicious book! I used to love frozen milky way bars for a summer snack. These bars do sound sinful!

  17. I'm all over it, if it's dark chocolate!

  18. Wow those look absolutely positively awesome and totally decadent. i wonder how they would work with my guilty pleasure: snickers.
    *kisses* HH

  19. Hi Barbara,

    It was fun to watch the Flip Wilson video, thank you for sharing.
    I like the look of the chocolate nougat squares and the dark version for me too please.
    I will try this when I am baking next, maybe at the weekend.

    Happy weekend

  20. oh. my. goddie. it would be complete suicide for me to buy the cookbook even at $3 - and if The Professor looked at it??? i'm gonna sit back and just peruse your site - at least it's calorie-free!

    btw - Flip Wilson was HILARIOUS as Geraldine!!! yes, I am old enough to remember!

  21. When people call something decadent, I don't really understand it, when speaking of food. Now, I understand. THese are decadent.

  22. oh wow yummy, like like milky ways as well fun post, Rebecca

  23. Oh my...I knew I shouldn't of looked at this post! :d Milky Way Bars were always my poison of choice...esp the dark chocolate ones....these look too good!

  24. Pretty decadent, but I think I can handle it.

  25. Oooh they look so decadently rich-and right up my alley Barbara! :P

  26. if i had to name a favorite candy bar, i think milky way midnight would be it. that said, IF i could part with a bar or two, these bars would absolutely float my boat!

  27. Oh dear Barbara, I wish I hadn't read this post. Now I will be obsessing about milky way bars and nougat squares, all weekend long. I am sure a lot of chocolate eating will ensue. I love dark chocolate, but haven't see that milky way version on our shores yet, I hope they arrive soon!

    Have a sweet weekend :)

  28. That's a wise choice. The chocolate I mean!!

  29. this look super yummy! Have a sweet weekend ahead.

  30. You are soooo cute...I so remember Flip Wilson..forgot all about him ..a childhood memory.

    Ok...now you and I are on the same page when it comes to chocolate. I will be making these little bites from Heaven my friend.
    Happy Weekend.

  31. Just found your blog through Velva's blog and I love it!

    Yes, I hate to admit remembering Flip Wilson...LOL

    Those little Milky Way concoctions look delicious!

  32. These really do look decadently delicious. I was a big fan of Flip Wilson, too. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  33. SO fun, Barbara! :-) My Dad has mentioned Flip Wilson numerous times but I didn't know where to view him. Thanks for this!! :-) The dessert and cookbook look fantastically amazing. :-)

  34. BAROOO!! Before I was allergic to chocolate, I loved milky ways. Sigh.

  35. Loved your post, Barbara! Milky Ways are totally addictive--you could say it's all their fault...

  36. exactly what my hubby want for dessert tonight...thanks!

  37. My husband and I just watched the video you posted, we both have fond memories at our grandparents homes as young children watching him. My grandfathers and my dad would laugh so hard...you brought back some good memories Barbara! Now I'm headed to amazon to order this book, I guess I will just forget about losing those 5lbs, I would rather eat chocolate and be happy!

  38. what sweet and smart treat...
    lovely images,
    easy following instructions!

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    visit my other blog for two awards.

  40. Very cute post!!
    Those bars with the dark chocolate Milky wars look phenomenal! I think the devil would tell me to eat several of them and he would probably win;-)

  41. ooww. This looks amazing. Pure genius idea. I laughed at your comment "the devil made me do it"!!!

  42. hi barbara as soon as there is nougat I am here !! Pierre

  43. oh. my. gosh. can I eat the screen? Those look amazing!

  44. Oh my these look delicious! So delicious in fact, I'll have to wait and make these when I go back to work in the fall so I can share the lusciousness (and the pounds)! I do remember Flip Wilson and Geraldine- so funny! Thanks for sharing :)

  45. Barbara gosh almighty - have not thought about Flip Wilson in decades & you pegged it, 'the devil made me do it' was a phase that a whole generation regularly used. His character of Geraldine was priceless. Ahh..good memories. As for these brownies; yes, the devil is indeed involved. My family will be fighting over these. Thank you as always. Another great..great post and wishing you a terrific hot weekend xx

  46. These do sound devilishly delicious! I would find them impossible to resist.
    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  47. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/lovely-blog-award-plus-sunshine-comments-award/

    two awards.
    Happy Saturday!

  48. If the devil made you do this, man I can sell my soul to him. These bars look SO dark and sexy and perfect!!! I do enjoy my Milky Ways, too. No shame in that!

  49. Barbara...who's the devil really?
    Milky way bars...dark chocolate...hmmm...how did I miss that...I'll have to check in our Montreal stores next time. It is after all very rare that I let myself look at the chocolate layout LOL.

    Thanks for the great tip about this book...I'm heading to Amazon quickly...what a deal!
    Thanks for the sweet dessert ;o)

    Ciao for now,

  50. Waw,Barbara!!
    What stunning & divine looking treats!!

    Now, I would like to savour at least 3 large pieces,...please???

    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM,...terrific dessert!

  51. I haven't had a Milky Way bar in ages and have never tried the dark chocolate version. Your nougat squares look so decadent and delicious! The devil might make me do it!

  52. What irresistible treats these are! I have Lisa's Baking By Flavor cookbook - and love it - I highly recommend it. I think I need to own this chocolate book too!

    So funny about the gnudi - can't wait to see how yours turned out.

  53. Dear Barbara,

    Getting gooey just looking at it. There must be a place on earth somewhere where we can eat that whenever, however and pay no heed to calories.

    Right, jotting it down now. Back to the video as the recipe distracted me :)

  54. Whoaaah! This are mouth watering! A definite must try! :)

  55. Dark chocolate is my downfall. I am thinking that my book club would love these next month.



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